Site hacked

Site hacked
Tenshimitsu 2006-11-24 21:14 3
Well, probably you noticed that our site was hacked... What can I say: the hacker showed me that there were security flaws in the shrine. Thank you. And I'm even more thankful that he didn't delete any of the articles or stuff.

Thanks for playing fair play. :)



  1. Wellllll... I'm actually more interested in WHO this person was.
    I love each and everyone of you Yoshi fans here, but I must admit that was the most interesting thing to happen to YOT in a looooong time. =D
    Anyway, cheers all! :)

    2006-11-26 03:39
  2. Yes I did, as soon as I heard the wailing. It was scary in a way, kind-of surreal. Of all the sites to be hacked, why'd they have to choose yoshimitsu's site? gosh..

    2006-11-25 12:04
  3. Anybody else notice that the hacker was Turkish?
    And I thought I was the only onearound here!
    (PS: I am NOT the hacker!)

    2006-11-25 05:08

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