Shoutbox out :( ... New hopes -> in?

Shoutbox out :( ... New hopes -> in?
Tenshimitsu 2008-12-10 20:28 1
Hi all;

Unfortunately I had to disable the shoutbox on our site. The reason is: there will be installations of new software on my serwer, the php accelerator being one of them. It will speed up the site even more, and especially I asked my provider for this feature because of the future...

(BTW, don't worry, I'll find another nice shoutbox :P)

As somebody probably noticed my last message on shoutbox, I'm thinking about moving to a new engine. The name will be a secret for a while. :) It's... BIG. It has enormous capabilities. Hehe, as I think about how much I'll have to learn, I suddenly feel tired :P (it's only a feeling, since in fact I have a very strong motivation :) )

First, I have to answer the questions:

1. Do we really need it?

- Option A) This engine has everything, is fast and stable. We can stay on it. Making news skins is easy for this engine. But I'm pretty sure there will be nothing new in the future: just cosmetic upgrades and further skin changes. But again: it's a good, tested and reliable engine. It's like moving from sweet home to luxurious hotel, but you never know if there will be any "bugs" under your bed :P :P (probably not, but you never know! :) )

- Option B) New engine can make every vision of our site come true. But to discover a new engine I have to put much, much work on it, including learning php (*Koga, I think you'll also like it :P). With great capabilities come great requirements, luckily our server is good enough to fulfill them. Last step was exactly PHP accelerator to speed it up a little. Especially deadly might be the new template system, which is at least tough to be honest, but I'll get over it...
But as for capabilities: oh, babe: I'm pretty sure it can do everything.

And especially what I wanted: turning YOT into a real, modern interactive community site. With messaging system, buddies, blogs, subscriptions, newsletters, rss feeds, discussion groups, galleries, forums, wikis, even youtube-like movie sharing. o_O We shall see if I can squeeze it all out of this engine with my bare hands :)

2. Will I manage?

Probably yes, there's nothing impossible here: i's only the matter of time and motivation. Anyway: we don' have to ceate all the features at once: changes will proceed and the site will evolve...

3. Do you want to wait a bit longer?

I can make a new skin very fast. But first making skin and then changing engine wont be that butt-kicking-arse as changing both things at the same time.

Well, the choice is yours to be made...


  1. It's all good to me. I'm just happy to have this tiny corner of the web all to ourselves.

    And props to your dedication, Tenshi. ;)

    2008-12-11 02:25

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