SDCC Bandai Namco Fighting Game Panel

SDCC Bandai Namco Fighting Game Panel
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Bandai Namco's Tekken team had a panel at San Diego Comic Con and showed the behind the scenes concept art of the characters of Tekken 7. Familiar names from TTT2 such as Junny, Shunya Yamashita and Tomio Fujisawa also shown along with guest artist jbstyle. Concept artists for the new chracter and our beloved returning character include:
Mari Shimazaki - Josie and Kazumi
NINNIN - Shaheen
Kozaki Yusuke - Lucky Chloe and Jin
Kenichiro Yoshimura - Gigas and Yoshimitsu

Check out Avoiding The Puddle or Famitsu for more images.

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  1. Updated a little late but added the panel video uploaded by Rip on the post. Audio quality is a little bad but it's understandable. Thought about transcribing it but it seems pointless without the imagery associated with the explanations so just watch the video.

    2015-07-17 06:31
  2.  Oh about the whole panel being able for viewing...........

    2015-07-15 10:31
  3. I quickly googled the yoshi designer, and it turned out that he had been working Metal Gear rising and okami. that's a pretty good track record, so I will have faith in the alternate costume as well XD 

    I've never seen yoshi as scary, as I've seen him as strange. I know that fear is highly indiviual, but I've somehow never not been able to view as that, despite the fact that I used to be scared of everything as a kid *_* 

    2015-07-15 10:20
  4. I really wish the whole panel is available for viewing somehow. I'm very interested about their thoughts on the design of all the characters. Love the Kazumi variations and Gigas. Shaheen seem to have had numerous designs as well. Practically interested in all of them.

    This is probably the most menacing Yoshi concept I've seen. Would have loved to see it in T7 but I'd understand if it may be a little too scary for a mainstream audience. Evolving into what he looks now makes him a little more unique and memorable. Doubt these will be extra costumes but definitely want my hands on the art book now.

    2015-07-13 01:36
  5. Oh DAMN!!! The fourth picture / third costume - I've dreamed about it!

    Exactly hannya masks, white/red colours....


    2015-07-12 11:13

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