Rumours about the return of Kunimitsu!

Rumours about the return of Kunimitsu!
Tenshimitsu 2012-05-18 20:33 7
There are rumours that Kunimitsu, human Ogre and Angel will be returning in the console release of TTT2!

Check out Kunimitsu's new looks:




  1. Super excited now!! :DDD
    Manji Dream Team indeed!

    2012-05-19 13:54
  2. One of the things thats pretty awesome in my book, is that she not eye candy like the most female characters.
    You can see her scar near the mask and a tiny little mole around her lips.

     I just wished that the mask was a unique, it reminds me so much of the one you can give taki in soul calibur.

    2012-05-19 10:06
  3. Perhaps seems possiable, since Namco don't what there females older than 32 visually (thinking about you Soul calibur)  it also seems like a tough start introducting an old character, that haven't been in the storyline in more than the first to games.

    So there will be long story to catch up hopefully, if they don't take the easy way out at make her the new Kunimitsu v.2 

    2012-05-19 08:22
  4. She looks so young... and different. Maybe it's Kunimitsu's daughter?

    2012-05-19 08:10
  5.  ...hottest tekken character by far lol

    2012-05-19 04:28
  6. Her outfit is more bright! It might be a clue that Kuni became a good girl.

    I want her to reunite with the Manji Clan...

    2012-05-18 20:44
  7. Really loving her new looks <3

    2012-05-18 20:42

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