Revamped site - Vote for Yoshi!

Revamped site - Vote for Yoshi!
Tenshimitsu 2014-07-13 22:59 2
Look here:

Official Tekken site was revamped :D
Be sure to press "Shuffle" in versus character screen and vote for our beloved Yoshi! :D

There are some unconfirmed leaks that Tekken 7 will be soon announced :) I hope it is true!
Yoshimitsu is best fought solo, no tag needed when we have swords, hiyaaah :D


  1. They already released the official trailer when they announced it:

    I would have still preferred they released TekkenXStreetFighter first instead but hey it's a new Tekken, I'm not complaining hehe.

    2014-07-15 04:33
  2.  It  was at evo boss =)

    bad quallty link coming up here

    2014-07-14 16:02

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