Registrations to YOT from now on accepted once a week

Registrations to YOT from now on accepted once a week
Tenshimitsu 2015-06-12 20:10 2
For those who wondered why they registered but still can't log in:

For some time registrations were spammed with bot accounts, and so they were pretty much turned off.
Now it seems spammers went away (finally). So everyone who want to sign in, are free to do so.

I still activate accounts manually, though. I'll be doing it once a week every friday.
At least until I make a new version of website :) Which I hope will arrive somewhere in August - probably just on YOT's birthday :)
Stay tuned!


  1. That would be cool to have a new version of manjikai near it's birthday ^^
    I'm sorry guys for not being more active these days, espeically with you trying to carry yot and putting this effort into it grey. 

    I have a few things that I need to get done, before I can dedicate more of my time more for tekken. But I will eventually, you guys have my word.

    On a lighter note I would love to read your future blog grey ;) you already got one follower XD 

    2015-06-15 18:10
  2. Site seems a little more exclusive but I'm cool with that. No instant membership would mean we'd only see people who sincerely wanted to join come around.

    I'm normally in TZ more myself but I usually post news here and update my threads frequently. Can't say there's many but I try to share any Yoshi or main Tekken related topics. Been thinking of starting a blog but I'll probably make it when T7 is released.

    Like Yoshi, look forward to the new version of YOT :thumbsup:

    2015-06-13 01:02

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