Project Replay from Sepkong and Gagarin

Project Replay from Sepkong and Gagarin
Tenshimitsu 2010-08-16 13:08 5
Hi :)

Inbetween a shortage of good Yoshi news, I drop here a fine movie made by Sepkong and Gagarin, featuring the irritating, "oh-noez!", silly Tekken 6 bugz.

Namco, do something with them, because they're not funny during serious fights. :)

Here we go! :D


  1. I had one where i was walking with the flea and a guy slide under only to get hit like 2 second later.

    2010-08-19 04:44
  2. now when you mention it I remember a weird glichs against Bob, he did a high kick while I did 3~4 with yoshi and rolled under him

    2010-08-17 20:24
  3. Awesome video. The music, the clips, the screen caps, very well made.

    I've had my fair share of these glitches too, it's really not fun. Sadly, Yoshi being one of the most unique characters in Tekken, he suffers from having a ton of weird glitches.

    2010-08-17 14:09
  4. And I thought side step was toned down but 4:34 was just over the top

    2010-08-17 08:34
  5. This is awesome, I like seeing all the little glitches and how annoying it can be.

    2010-08-16 16:13

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