Preparations started...

Preparations started...
Tenshimitsu 2007-11-02 14:50 1
Hi there;

I missed one functionality on this site: a Calendar that would display all the entries made to the site. Guess what: It was made not so long ago, which accelerated my preparations for the new YOT.

Yeah, yet another incarnation of our site. :)

It will consist of:

1. Our own web-based chat (progress: 100%)
2. Of course new skin (Progress: 15%)
3. Remake of Manji Dojo (removing Wiki: it's not used anyway)
4. Remake of Articles, Media and Fan Fiction categories.
5. Removal of Events and old Calendar Plugin and exchanging it to a new Calendar System (It's extremely handy!!!)
6. Complete transfer of Y-podcast to this engine. ^^ (it has something to do with Media section remake :P)

About the weblogs system: It will probably stay as it is, with a little bit tweaks, both as for code and graphics. We shall see. :)

I'm now quite busy so don't expect the change to be made very soon... But when I finally make it, expect a lot of fresh stuff in Manji Dojo. :) I'm going to make many tutorial videos. :)


  1. Nice :)

    2007-11-06 10:02

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