New poll

New poll
Tenshimitsu 2008-12-16 14:50 1

I started a new poll about our future.

Probably you noticed a small boost in speed of our site? It's the php accelerator working (at last).

Look at the poll and choose the option you like. Mind that new engine brings more scalability and a bit more features, but also might feel a bit slower at first.

This engine is now lightning fast and has all the feature we need, with an exception of:
- true blog system (the one we have is quite unfinished)
- topic subscriptions
- true RSS feeds
- cross content publishing
- flexibility and up-to-date technologies.

Chose carefully!



  1. anyway, I have a question, what would be the new features for the new engine... just askin...

    2009-04-27 11:19

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