New Yoshi screenshots - detailed!

New Yoshi screenshots - detailed!
Tenshimitsu 2009-07-07 08:59 2

With new bundle of Tekken 6 screenshots, some Yoshi pics arrived:

Check it out to see more details! Like... the long nails on Yoshi's right hand. o_O Hmm, seems like Soul Calibur style has arrived to Tekken. C-mon Yoshi, aren't the claw-like nails a bit disturbing? :P

Enjoy ;)


  1. Yoshimitsu probaly spends lots of money on all the costumes he has!
    Maybe he should focus on giving money to the poor!:):):):):)

    2009-11-14 19:44
  2. Avatar

    Long claws and a skeleton hand. Yup! The pirate is MY costume. :D

    Eh, did you know he also has long toenails? Yup! That's right! ^^ I think I remember seeing this detail somewhere.. I was like "OMG! He's NINJA and how do they not break?!! :|

    Hehe.. Cool and random, gotta love it! :D:D

    2009-07-10 11:33

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