New YOT has arrived :)

New YOT has arrived :)
Tenshimitsu 2010-02-16 01:13 0
... as you can see, probably. :)

There's still plenty of things to do here, but I couldn't make you wait any longer. :)
I hope you'll enjoy a new skin and some new functionalities. There's still much to come, like e.g. a new set of smileys, forum attachments, forum polls, moving Yoshi music to the appropriate category, etc. but the time will come for it. :) Also, the Control Panel has much room for improvements, so stay tuned. :)

Unfortunately, during conversion the following users couldn't be transferred:
Revan, KlaZ, tableegy, ym609, bahbi, heavy-arms-custom, yoshi2468, venzo, kenpachi, snickers6213,, Maximicus, xxzamanxx, brokenjay

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