Tenshimitsu 2007-05-31 16:20 4
And here it is... the new YOT.

This skin has a lot more features than any other earlier. Also, more will come in the time being... By now I'd like to ask you to see around, looking for possible flaws and bugs. Setting it up was a hard work and there might be still something that I missed...

And of course: enjoy :D


PS. TODO: Put movies online at last, repair broken links... I will let you know when I will be finished with it.


  1. It's a security issue :) During registration, a valid email address must be provided. If the change was allowed, everybody could then change it to false one.

    Send me PM and I will change it for you. :)

    2007-06-06 12:44
  2. Hi again Tenshi...

    Well, Im just posting to point out something I've noticed ever since I've been on YOT. Why can't we change our email prefferences in Control panel? I've been wanting to be able to change it myself for a long time now and was hoping that this would've been ractified by now. No offence to you of course.. just putting it out there.

    Be gentle (lol)

    2007-06-06 07:47
  3. Thank you very much for compliments :)

    P.S. Every time I see your avatar, I wish Yoshi would be like that in Tekken 6. At least his extra costume... simple, clean but intimidating outfit. This is what I like...

    2007-06-03 18:52
  4. Wow!!!! Tenshi! This is really nice! Ooh I cant hardly think of anything to say, but thank you.

    2007-06-03 14:41

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