New Tekken 6 movies

New Tekken 6 movies
Tenshimitsu 2007-11-12 09:51 3
The complexity of Yoshimitsu is outstanding!!! Looks like we will have a whole lot of new tricks to master. :)

See yourself :P


  1. Tenshi I have a new Yoshi Video from youtube, which got added just a few days ago, it is Yoshi vs leo.

    here it is:

    2007-12-03 19:20
  2. ej tensh. czy mi się wydaje czy w tym 1 filmiku w 0:45 ktoś powiedział po polsku: ''zoba pa'' wiesz niby zobacz patrz , przysłuchaj sie tam =>

    2007-11-20 22:51
  3. Very Intresting stuff there

    bit of a question tho I think it was the forth movie, when Yoshimitsu disappers do you lose any frames or can you attack stright away?

    something tells me my Raven Days are going to be back come Tekken 6 but in the form of Yoshi boy.

    2007-11-12 18:49

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