New TTT2 screens!

New TTT2 screens!
Tenshimitsu 2011-05-07 19:25 8
A new set of Tekken Tag Tournament screens was recently released.
And yes: you can see new Yoshi rendering!

Take a look (as for me: he looks aaawesome ^^)

More screenshots:


  1. So detailed again. It looks awesome. The only thing that I wondered from sseeing it was: What is that thing in his mouth?

    2011-07-19 14:31
  2. I liked from first sight and unlike the last couple of times it doesn't look like his armor is that heavy anymore. he is somewhat a ninja and they are supposed to be fast and agile not slow and heavy as a tank.

    2011-05-10 20:14
  3. OMG T_T
    Yoshimitsu san is so cool!!!!

    2011-05-09 16:05
  4. Kai

    Awesome T~T

    2011-05-09 14:40
  5. I really dig this look, and really wish I could get my hands on the statue!! Although I'm not the biggest fan of the floating ring behind his head, I have never liked those, he looks sick otherwise and I can't wait for this game, no other fighter has ever been able to stack up, and still can't... Marvel Kombat just isn't Tekken.

    2011-05-09 11:26
  6. Eeeeeeeeeeee! He looks so sexy! <3

    I'm so excited for Tekken Tag 2! Yay Yoshimitsu!

    2011-05-09 06:41
  7. He's looking great! I pretty much always think he looks great though!! I mean, come on, it's Yoshimitsu!!!

    2011-05-08 16:19
  8. Avatar

    Wow it looks so real like a figurine! Games are getting so realistic it scares me.

    2011-05-08 00:50

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