New TTT2 Artworks!

New TTT2 Artworks!
Tenshimitsu 2012-04-19 17:27 4
Check out the newest Tekken Tag Unlimited Artworks!
Here are links for all characters:

Have a look at Yoshimitsu :)

Yoshimitsu 1

Yoshimitsu 2

Yoshimitsu 3


  1. Avatar

    All of them look cool

    2012-05-09 22:06
  2. The first one is already my phone's wallpaper ^ ^

    2012-04-20 18:24
  3. Nice to know that you could choose 1 of these 3 images for yourself in the character select screen if you won a 'lottery' of it ^^

    At least this was possible for the arcade release, let's hope this is also available for console.

    2012-04-19 23:20
  4. hm! This is delicious!

    2012-04-19 23:16

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