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Tenshimitsu 2009-05-08 21:53 10

I'd like to ask you about your opinion on next Yoshimitsu FAQ. The txt format is OK, but I think that a well-built PDF document, with numbered pages, nice graphics and ready-to-print format would be even nicer. What do you think? :)


  1. I decided to publish the FAQ only after attending to a good amount of tournaments. The strategies must be tested in the fire of the true combat before I can give you anything.

    Besides, I want to test something. :)

    2009-05-25 18:59
  2. Avatar

    Although you have decided to do all formats, I'll just add my opinion here:

    I'm happy with either plain-text or a pdf file (but since its one vote per user, I voted for plain-text because it was behind 8-)).

    Word *might* have some compatibility issues, making it difficult to access for others.
    (e.g. Office 2003 needs a converter to view *.docx, Mac computers (and Linux, Unix etc.) might also have difficulty in viewing the files) Hence I don't really favour word as a format if plain-text and pdf formats are available.

    Plain-text are not really special (i.e. nothing pops up in my head). But they are simple, easily viewable and can be easily manipulated (which can be a good or bad thing!).

    As for pdf files, they are excellent for presenting electronic text. I guess you can insert pictures to represent command notations (I personally am too use to text notation from reading forums: but I guess that's for another poll xD). Also I think there is a feature to make text unelectable which increases security against plagiarists (an advantage over plain-text).

    Hence I'm all for changing to pdf formats, but I am equally happy to have the plain-text format should you need to fall back on it (This doesn't help xD).
    Overall, I'll happy with any format that's easy for you Tenshi :).

    I guess its not too hard to convert pdf files to plain-text, so it won't be too bad to have all formats. Just don't get too much pressure and stress from this project, we are all eagerly (but patiently) waiting for another Awesome FAQ! :D

    2009-05-15 15:58
  3. Woah a few FAQ! Written by you, Tenshi? Coz that would be sweet!

    Go with PDF, if you can pull it off. And yes, Calibri does look nice. Very good idea.


    2009-05-14 05:10
  4. Avatar

    All formats? COOL!! - Everybody's happy! Yea, 'Callibri' looks very nice. :p

    2009-05-12 14:31
  5. I'm all for the pdf. It's neater and easier to navigate for me. If it is well-built, numbered, has graphics and easy format like you said, then that would be perfect.

    I don't like .txt that much. It becomes a wall of words and sometimes it's sickening reading through endless text. I think it's simpler and easier to make though so I shouldn't complain.

    2009-05-11 06:35
  6. I don't wanna disagree, but I love .pdf I have always found it much easier to deal with than a .txt, and graphics would be awesome! I've never seen "Callibri" font before, but I love "Times New Roman". Anyways I know I will be super excited when it's finished, no matter what direction you choose to take. Sorry for posting twice here, but my first comments were kinda worthless.

    2009-05-10 20:40
  7. It's the first time I hear negatives about PDF. :) It's a great format! When compressed with right tools, it can be really lightweight. It all depends on formatting.

    Also, picking up what you need will be easy thanks for pagination. You only point your printer what pages to print, and that's it.

    Besides, PDF file will be zipped on download.

    I guess the FAQ will be presented in all formats to make everybody satisfied. :D

    Uhh, I though about using "Callibri" font, it's very clean for me... maybe take a look, Sum?

    2009-05-10 13:30
  8. Avatar

    I agree with what Koga said! txt for me! (preferably rich text) And I'm notorious for using 'Ctrl f' to get exactly where I want! Can't do that with pdf. :s

    One thing, could we make the text 'New Times Roman'? :)

    2009-05-09 16:30
  9. Is there an option to vote a definite no on some of the options? :P

    .txt or word document would be fine, but I'd say a definite no for .pdf; it's rather heavy and, should someone actually want to print it out (I know it's not that wise, but someone might not have their PC in the same room as their PlayStation), pdf is almost impossible to shorten out, in other words, picking out only what you need on the paper in the midst of introductions, pictures and whatnot. Those are convenient and clarifying, but sometimes a bit unnecessarry when someone already knows the basics.

    Besides, there's a slight security risk, at least in embedded pdf files. Those also have had the tendency to crash Firefox (though I think it's been fixed in some recent update).

    That's just my opinion :) I vote for .txt!

    Yours cruelly,
    ~ Kogamitsu

    2009-05-09 06:49
  10. I agree, all of those things you mentioned would be an improvement of an already great system

    2009-05-09 00:36

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