Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Tenshimitsu 2010-12-24 08:53 7
I wish you Merry Christmas and a "yoshi" New Year!

In between enjoying your holiday break, take a look at newest Tekken Tag trailer:
(no Yoshi there, but still looks interesting)

(thanks go to Egyptian Darkness Team for this link)


  1. What the heck happened to Heihachi? Did he step through a time portal? I don't really like the way he looks now. Sorry Heihachi but you can't get out of being an old man.

    2011-01-28 22:34
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    Well, im new to this site. I was kinda curious as to where is all of the Tekken 6 information on Yoshi. Character matchups and etc. Anyhow though, really cool site. Never seen a site dedicated to one character like this, pretty cool.

    2011-01-08 14:59
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    I think it's funny Heihachi dyed his hair. I thought he was a natural grey! heh heh Have a 'Yoshi' new year full of Yoshiness and good cheer! :P

    2010-12-30 18:41
  4. I looked up the lone gamer (a good site check it out someday) as soon as I saw the new trailer and he too mentioned simliarties betwin those. The funny fact is that quite a few found julia boring as watching paint dry, maybe its namcos way of spice there treehugger charactor up a litte crazyness and less seroiusness.

    If thats the case I would say its not my taste not to mention her style looks slighly like christie's with a twist of lucha libre but what wondering about it that.

    2010-12-27 10:41
  5. I am the only one that thinks the new girl's necklace looks alot like Julia's?

    2010-12-27 03:18
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    bah a new char again!?
    who the hell shall learn all these frames? x(
    the stages are very nice, much better than t6!!! :D

    2010-12-25 17:43
  7. the winter stage looks awesome and sadly it rooms more new weirds but a new punching bag wouldn't be to bad, and the old man is back with black hair very very weird :/

    Miguel had a new costume maybe some of others will have too

    hope had merry Christmas and will have a "yoshi" New Year!

    2010-12-25 16:19

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