Media section now up in 100%

Media section now up in 100%
Kogamitsu 2007-08-12 14:14 1
Good evening, YOT.

I have uploaded the missing files to Media section, namely the almost 2-year-old Rautanyrkki movie. I included everything I could find relating to it:

- The movie itself, in three parts
- Bloopers, all 5 sets
- The trailer
- The random "Playin' It Cool" project we made, just for kicks.

Please report any broken links you might find. :)

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu


  1. Playin it cool was so funny I love it how Yoshimitsu goes sneaking around for some coffe only to get caught by Julia and Yoshi ends up sluking in the conner, priceless.:D

    2007-08-15 17:10

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