Manjikai is recruiting!

Manjikai is recruiting!
Tenshimitsu 2012-04-03 10:48 11
The Manjikai is here for a long time, and I came to the conclusion that we need to make it rock even more. :)

Are you ready for the challenge? :) Is your Yoshi love strong enough? :)

Currently we need:

1. Main admin (2 vacancies)
- a person responsible for the whole site, also a newsman
- being extremely Yoshi-obsessed :)
- objective, just, honourable, with good writing skills, with strong web skills, who thinks twice before doing something :P
- will need to pass a webinar or web conference with me, which is to show him/her around the site and teach standard administrator tasks.
- with a strong motivation to surf the web and provide our gallery with Yoshimitsu media
- which will also become an admin of Manjikai Facebook place

2. Forum admin (1 vacancy)
- a person taking care for forums, moderating inproper posts, closing old threads, etc.
- will also give warnings to users and ban for inappropriate behaviour

3. Strategy admins (3 vacancies: 1 person for each game: SFxTK, Soul Calibur, Tekken)
- a player with great, proven skills in one or more of the mentioned games.
- will be responsible for Strategy blog (the blog will be divided into subsections) and generally for strategy section
- will write strategies, movelist analysis, juggles, and also post match/combo movies
- will have special access to hidden strategy forums (one hidden forum for each game)

4. Fan fiction / blogs admin
- person responsible for fan fiction
- will be able to moderate the fan fiction section as well as blogs section

5. Fan arts admin
- will moderate the fan arts submitted by fans

In a week from now, I'll work on some more admin tools that will come in handy for the newly appointed admins.

I'll also re-design the Gallery and Fan Arts areas so that they will be more intuitive, and every member will be able to easily add pictures in just a couple of clicks.
"My Files" section will also be different.
I'll also add a new BBcode editor.

If you're willing to take the future of the Manjikai in your hands, post in comments below this article.

Yoshimitsu is getting stronger when his community is strong. Let's make us a force to be reckoned with. :)


  1. The first stage of admin submissions is done:
    - YOT Strategists have admin access to Strategy Blogs,
    - AngelBoy Became SFxTK Blog Admin.

    I have still a few candidates in my mind... they didn't contact me, though :/

    2012-04-19 17:06
  2. Thank you for your submissions.
    I will assign you the new roles after this weekend :)

    2012-04-12 10:51
  3. Aozame does really good art, I think she and Kai should "draw" on it.

    2012-04-06 19:06
  4. I'd be available to help in the strategy section.

    2012-04-06 16:46
  5. The Manji service is eternal :P

    Well, to be honest, I'm not as active as I used to be, I guess "life" is consuming most of my free time. At the other hand, I would like this site to be active and full of life, that's why I need your help.

    Anybody else?
    Aozame? Noodlehead? Inca? BigChief?
    And what about you, yoshimitsu_tqt? :)

    2012-04-06 12:05
  6.  U'r not retireing are you tenshi? :S

    2012-04-06 01:14
  7. Kai

     Fan Arts Admin sounds like the one with the least work, lol just kidding I love the art people bring in here, just tell me what to do and I'll follow

    2012-04-05 16:18
  8. I think both of you are good candidates :)

    I hope more people will drop by.

    2012-04-05 06:36
  9. I'll gladly try and fill the SFxT spot. It's just that I didn't really continue posting what I've found because of how low the feedback was in the SFxT topic.**

    2012-04-04 21:50
  10. I'll gladly try and fill the SFxT spot. It's just that I didn't really continue posting what I've found because of how low the feedback I was in the SFxT topic. Mainly because SFxT isn't that popular in this forum and another reason is because everyone seems so depressed yoshi is the lowest of the low tier characters, even though he's seriously not that bad as people make him sound to be.

    2012-04-04 21:48

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