Lucky Chloe & Shaheen Gameplay Footage

Lucky Chloe & Shaheen Gameplay Footage
Grey 2015-02-14 00:29 1
 There's a Tekken 7 showcase in JAEPO and we get a first glimpse of some Lucky Chloe and Shaheen move set.

Commentary is in Japanese but Harada said something about Lucky Chloe having a certain rhythm to her moves. Didn't get much about Shaheen but he seems to be an aggressive character. His moves aren't what I expected out of him but he's looking good. I actually like Lucky Chloe more now and I definitely want to try them out.

More info here in Avoiding the Puddle from Wonkey.

source: TekkenZaibatsu, Gamer4Net


  1. Shaheen looks very impressive in game and I dig how subtle the colors are on his costume, he seems like a character that's for once, grounded in reality (apperience wise) which to me is great since it  makes the more oddbal characters seem more special. Right now  kinda losses it's effect since the whole cast is over the top atm. Kangaroos, devils, robots and dinosaurs seems to be measurement of over the top  So in short, I think his a step in a more correct direction ^^  and I love the how poncho capeish thing, moves while his dashing moves very fluient like the rest everything else in this game *_*

    Great find grey I gotta say ^^

    2015-02-14 15:12

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