Kuro Kuro Cup Archive

Kuro Kuro Cup Archive
Grey 2015-08-09 23:19 2

Kuro Kuro Cup just finished and here are the archives if you've missed the action:

kurokuro9696japan (main stream)
kurokuro_cup1 (English stream)
kurokuro_cup2 (Japanese stream)
nistelj (Japanese stream)

Links to the brackets:

Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool 3
Pool 4
Pool 5
Pool 6
Pool 7
Pool 8

Kurokuro also uploaded the English stream on his Youtube channel if you would like to watch it there.


  1. Thanks for posting this here Grey! I watched a bit of it while I was awake and it's great to see such high level Tekken 7! I love that they had so many streams to cover the event, and I hope the stream quality continues to improve in the future!

    2015-08-10 17:57
  2.  Aint that a nice treat, I'll through those when I'm in a tekken mood ^^

    2015-08-10 14:33

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