Kunimitsu&Yoshimitsu tag throws

Kunimitsu&Yoshimitsu tag throws
Tenshimitsu 2012-08-07 08:35 3
TekkenZone NET has recently uploaded Tag throws of the Manji rivals: Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu.
I especially laugh at Harakiri Tag throw - looks like Yoshimitsu wants to kill two birds wth one stone! :)

Regular tag throw (Yoshimitsu: 2+5)

Regular tag throw (Kunimitsu 2+5)

Harakiri tag throw (Kunimitsu: 2+4~5)

Cross-slice tag throw (Kunimitsu: u/f+1+2~5)


  1. Cross slash, definitely cross slash!

    2012-08-13 15:54
  2. Kuni and Yoshi are going to be my team so im loving this. Though both of them seem to be Kuni's team throws. I wonder how Yoshi's will look, if they add them in.

    2012-08-13 03:58
  3.  The Harakiri throw is new to me, and I love it! Go Yoshi!! Cross slice is pretty cool too I suppose...

    2012-08-07 20:52

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