Introduction to Insight Meditation

Introduction to Insight Meditation
Tenshimitsu 2010-04-28 08:18 2
Hi Manji followers :)

Because Yoshi himself practices everyday meditation, you probably wondered how to meditate and what it is for. No, it's not as trivial as many might think (sitting, relaxing, doing nothing particular). It's a very good way to live a life full of attention and insight, in peace with ourselves. The attention in particular is a neccessary feature of a warrior.

For many people, conscious living seems a dangerous and frightening thing. They prefer drowning into everyday routine which gives them a false feeling of safety. But at the same time, they're not happy with themselves. It's because the routine and everyday "trance" comes from our assumptions, which are derived from our experience. But the world isn't the same everyday. We can't get going only using our experience alone, it's not living a life full of attention. It gives us a constant feeling that we're missing something important.

Don't be afraid to get on the road of broadening your attention. As you'll progress, your life won't be the same anymore. And remember: everything can be a meditation. It only depends on how much heart you put into your everyday practice. Everyday, everywhere, everytime. It's an exciting journey!

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Introduction to Insight Meditation

Most recommended for everyone. :)


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