Into the future... for real, yeah! :)

Into the future... for real, yeah! :)
Tenshimitsu 2014-03-27 09:57 1
Hi :)

April will be a very busy month :)
Well, march is already busy for me, I'm learning new web frameworks for the sake of new web applications, but April will be the "harvesting time". If everything goes well, the end of April will meet new Tekken-related website and new YOT :)

I'm rather inclined to simplify YOT a lot. I'll most probably take an effort to preserve forums as it is (just a bit better as for posting messages), but the whole concept of the site will be blog-like, with chosen people having the rights to post articles in various section of the site.

The gallery will be updated to a new (user-friendly) concept, and the whole "Yoshimitsu shrine" section will be re-designed to be more... sentimental? :)

I will remove all users who haven't logged in to the site in 2 years time. Sure the numbers look impressive, but I prefer Quality over quantity...

Also... I don't know if you realize that in December there will be 20th anniversary of Tekken, and so Yoshimitsu will celebrate his 20th birthday, hehe ;) Quite a young pal, LOL :)

Stay tuned, a lot of changes will happen :)


  1.  Good news! :)

    2014-03-31 18:44

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