Tenshimitsu 2011-05-23 10:22 5
We can hear new Yoshi's quote! :)

He says "Ikkitousen" (一騎当千), which can be translated as:
- literally: One warrior equals thousand (correct me if I'm wrong ^^)
- matchless warrior
- mighty hero

The way he exposes his sword in front of him makes me think that he rather means the power of his sword...
... or he just means that this time he's a top tier! :P

And... I have a funny impression he wants to be clearly heard by non-Japanese speakers :D (LOL)

Well, hear by yourself:

scroll to 08:27


  1. He sounds incredible. It's like he's putting more emphasis on it, and it sounds epic.

    2011-06-07 02:58
  2. Wow, nice to see that Yoshi has finally given into my demands and agreed to speak more clearly. Although.. he enunciated that so slowly, that I can't help but feel he's mocking me ^^

    The important thing is, he seems a bit more positive. I knew he'd bounce back.

    2011-05-24 21:18
  3. I love the ko screams in slow motion especially the girls sounds hilariously funny just hear ninas and you will agrre with me.

    Another cool thing is that the remixed music from rogers/alexs stage back from T2.

    I do find the flying kick move of juns kinda wrong, It doesn't looks like is a move that actually gonna hurt you looks far to elegant to be damaging, i have the problem with lars and alisa so there fighting styles are far to flashy for my taste

    2011-05-24 06:38
  4. Avatar

    Jaycee at first appearance looks like she's sitting on the toilet? ;) And Yeyness for Yoshi! It's about time...

    2011-05-24 00:20
  5. Yoshi is already top tier :D

    2011-05-23 14:54

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