Here we go! :)

Here we go! :)
Tenshimitsu 2007-12-26 13:08 2
Well, here it is: the new skin. I called it "YOT retro" because of the colours (sepia, like in old photos...) and Yoshimitsu from Tekken 3 all over the place :) But... as if it was the taste of things to come: Yoshi wields two swords. :) Just like he will in Tekken 6. So it's a kind of symbolical theme, of Yoshi's never-ending progress.

As for the functionality of the site...

1. You can see the YOT Events Calendar on your right. It displays recent pages, forum posts, birthdays and news. As for me, this is a big "wow" :)

2. I decided to add the basic navigation tree again that is being displayed once you enter a Category or an Article.

3. In your Profile view, you can see who visited your profile recently. But as for Profile, it will be massively rebuilt in the nearest future.

What is else to do? A rebuild of Manji Dojo. I already removed the Wiki feature (no one used it anyway), and i'll change the structure of categories there. And soon, add a lot of articles. :)

Have a great time, roaming around :)

(and report me any mistakes you might encounter)



  1. Thanks, Demonitzu :)

    OK, I'll take a look at the login panel... I know that once I corrected it. It shouldn't be a problem...

    The 2-sword Yoshi was only present in some Tekken 3 artwork. It took some time until that dream came true, didn't it? :) Personally, I can't wait for Tekken 6 Yoshi. A fresh wind of new techniques!

    2007-12-26 15:40
  2. Nice!

    Very relaxing on the eyes, like this navigation more, in comparision rather unique look. The only thing that still bothers me, is the amount of time you can keep logged in. Not that it's skin-related though.

    What's up with the T3 yoshi with the 2 swords btw? I could have sworn I saw him ages ago with two swords in T3, one green and one red... Yet people say I talk nonsense...

    2007-12-26 15:25

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