Happy New Year & TTT2 Item moves :)

Happy New Year & TTT2 Item moves :)
Tenshimitsu 2012-01-03 12:34 8
Happy New Year 2012!
Whoah, I have a hunch that this year's going to be great :P

In case you haven't seen yet, TTT2 item moves, Yoshi included :)


  1. 2:10 I don't  ever remember seeing Mokujin in Orge form. Not even in Tekken 3 or tag. Did he copy them back than. I really dont remember lol.

    2012-01-19 20:35
  2.  I had a mega laugh at the end.  

    2012-01-05 07:06
  3. also, I really love Yoshi's outfit and that stylish tophat! Really digging this customization

    2012-01-03 17:00
  4. awesomness!!
    <3 yoshi's unblockable item move

    2012-01-03 16:48
  5. I just replied normally, I noticed the extra coding as well :x

    Maybe I clicked on of the formatting buttons by accident... let's see how this reply turns out.

    2012-01-03 16:31
  6. BTW Junon, what did you do? Copy&paste? It seems that your comment got a little bit... messed up.

    2012-01-03 16:09
  7. Indeed :)

    2012-01-03 16:07
  8. <p><font style="background-color: #404040">Yoshis item move might actually be a little usefull, it's unblockable!</font></p>

    2012-01-03 14:50

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