Future of Yoshimitsu depends on you

Future of Yoshimitsu depends on you
Tenshimitsu 2015-03-19 17:43 1

Recent Famitsu interview with Harada brings more insight as for future Tekken 7 character appearances. It was said that characters will be added based on fans requests. Which means that if we, Yoshimitsu fans and players, remain silent, we can say goodbye to Yoshimitsu in Tekken 7.

Just as it happened with Tekken Revolution I guess?

So... no matter how awful it sounds, it looks like we should beg Harada for Yoshimitsu. 

His future depends on all of us. It depends on you taking action.
So please, log in to your twitter account now and say to @Harada_tekken that there's no Tekken without Yoshimitsu. He must be in!

#NoTekkenWithoutYoshi !


  1. I honestly can't imagine a major tekken game without him, it's just not possible. Yoshimitsu is a ironic character to this series, he has gotten many a timeless designs over the years, and pressence like a true icon despite all of those changes.

    I have no fear that he will make it through, but I guess I wouldn't hurt to let Harada to be reminded off how much yoshimitsu means, to this series.

    2015-03-22 19:50

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