Further updates...

Further updates...
Tenshimitsu 2007-12-29 16:47 1
Yeah, it lasted quite a long time.

I added missing Yoshi bio and updated it with Tekken 5 and 6 information. Still, Tekken 6 portrait is missing. :) I don't have time to make it now. :)

I added a link to YOT Archives on the menubar, for all of you who haven't seen the old YOT. It won't be updated. I don't have time for Soul Calibur, sadly. But if there's anybody who would like to gather pictures and information about Soul Calibur 3 Yoshi, I would gladly update his SC page.

I also checked the articles and corrected broken links: if you still find a broken link, please let me know.



  1. Tenshi, I have all of new years eve off from work, I can use this day to get Yoshi SC3 info and send it to you, just tell me what you need and consider it done.:)

    I know, I know I'm not a SC3 head, but anything releated to Yoshi and I'm off to find it.:)

    2007-12-29 18:06

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