First Tekken 6 Yoshi gameplay movie!

First Tekken 6 Yoshi gameplay movie!
Tenshimitsu 2007-09-13 21:48 7
Here we go: first glance at Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu. You will see that his battle stance has changed a lot. Hmm, I don't know if it was a good step. Personally I adored Yoshi's fighting stance, and now... (see by yourself).

He got new moves after WS+2, and also something that looks like WS+4,1... Hmmm. Complete rebuild? I hope there won't be too many suprises.


  1. I LIKE IT!:D

    2009-12-14 21:32
  2. YoshI loCk WOmnderfulll!!! WOW!!! yeach xD

    2007-09-19 18:48
  3. very good, but i think that yoshi have too much stuff on him x3 (looks heavy) tails(ropes), and.. are thouse some kid of saber-wings? o_O

    2007-09-14 13:47
  4. Hmm... looks great. Yoshimitsu looks more calm and concentrated now that he ceased to swing his rear end around. I actually prefer this stance from the old one. Glad to see the spins and Samurai Knee are still there, those are Yoshi's trademarks, anyway.

    2007-09-14 12:41
  5. sorry for the double post, looks like I can't edit my previous coment.:con

    I think that new move you was on about Tenshi is SS+4 and then is followed by 1 and I have already looked at the footage in a bit more detail and the new move that follows SS+4 is only granted on SS+4 hiting and I would not advise doing the new follow up move unless SS+4 does hit.

    but if I have got my frame data wrong please do feel right to correct me.:)

    Fastlegs of Fury

    2007-09-14 08:40
  6. Yeah it is great to see Yoshi will be keeping most of his old combos and that there will be some new ones to learn and also some new fame data, wait for the next update.

    Thanks Tenshi

    Fastlegs of Fury

    2007-09-14 08:23
  7. Thank you so much for putting this up, Boss-ette.

    The same one on some other website wasn't working right; it's cool that you put this up here.

    Yoshi is looking so pimp right now, almost complete re-vamp! Glad he hasn't lost his spins and stuff though. And maybe you've noticed that lil' electric discharge across his head/helmet right at the start of the round. That was cool.

    Now just waiting on P2 outfit, and I still wanna see how the double-sword thing will work.

    Anyway cheers a lot hun,

    2007-09-14 07:23

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