Final Yoshimitsu Statue Pictures from Kotobukiya

Final Yoshimitsu Statue Pictures from Kotobukiya
Tenshimitsu 2011-10-17 09:35 13
LevelUpYourGame has recently posted final pictures of Yoshimitsu statue.

Be sure to check them out!

It looks awesome!


  1.  Sorry for the double post, I'm also a little bummed that I couldn't pick the driftwood base like the one made for Harada or seen here at the bottom of the screen, simpler is better i'm thinking, but I'm glad for it either way.

    2011-12-22 20:55
  2.  Of course! I'll stand him next to my T3 Yoshi figure!!

    2011-12-22 20:52
  3.  Of course! I'll stand him next to my Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu figure!!

    2011-12-22 20:51
  4. Can you post a pic of it when it arives at your home, because i think people will be glad to see how big its compaired to something, instead of just watching the dimensions of it. 

    2011-12-22 17:20
  5.  By the way the Kotobukiya website now has this up for preorder for $449!! That's not too bad, I already placed mine! It will be ready to ship in july of this coming year, can't wait!!

    2011-12-21 22:01
  6. That looks fabulous! Incredible, really. Such great details!

    2011-11-07 04:09
  7. Yes!! I saw this when i went to the NYCC (Comic Con)...Took like 20 pics of it lol.

    2011-11-04 18:59
  8. That is a little strange, and $600!?!? Super frowny face :( I hope that price drops considerably!

    2011-10-31 10:40
  9. I'm getting this for sure!

    Does anyone else think it's weird that he's standing on a chopped-off Buddha head?

    2011-10-26 13:28
  10. GODLIKE!!!, Simply amazing!!!!!!

    2011-10-20 06:34

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