Fighting Game Panel at Playstation Experience

Fighting Game Panel at Playstation Experience
Grey 2015-12-06 10:14 2
In case you missed it, here's the Fighting Game Panel at Playstation Experience hosted by Sid Shuman featuring Seth Killian, Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada. They discuss the current concerns of the fighting game developers and what the future holds for the genre.

To sum up some points by Harada:
- Namco Bandai's arcade model came up and Harada explains that it is an inevitable business model because of the nature of the company being in the arcades.
- Asked about making Tekken having more beginner accessibility, Harada says that it's a misunderstanding that fighting games are getting more difficult. He believes that input/complexity issues and drawing new players are two seperate issues that can be addressed.
- Asked about to consider making a multiplayer online only game similar to Rising Thunder, he brings up that they made Tekken Revolution and fans responded they would rather have the chance to play the game offline so a shift to multiplayer online main feature is not a big priority.
- Asked about the fighting game of the future, he reiterates that although he and Ono are in the same business, they have a different approach. Tekken's fanbase is not wholly the competitive tournament crowd (contrast to Street Fighter) and they need to provide and experience for those who play it at home by themselves or with their siblings.
- Last point is that he feels that the key feature of fighting games is enjoyment of playing with others and that's what they are going to work hardly on. They are looking forward to improving the AI aspect that's been a weak feature over the years and would like to address that for the future of fighting games.

Of course, stay tuned for King of Iron Fist Tournament at Japan on December 12. There should be some much anticipated Tekken news  then.


  1. From what I gather, I believe he meant fighting games are getting easier for the beginner crowd. I'm familiar with other games like SF, Marvel and Smash from tournament going experience and I noticed that it is little more intuitive for entry level players to push certain buttons. It makes beginners feel like they're 'good' at playing fighting games. However, once someone grasp basic fundamentals, it'll be a lot more apparent how difficult and complex most fighting games are.

    I say Tekken is filled with more casual players than SF easily. Most discussions about SF I know revolve around gameplay. Tekken on the other hand, gets more topics about character story, design, relationships, customizations and all those other stuff. The overall gameplay looks solid to me and that's really my primary concern. 

    2015-12-08 00:25
  2. It's a interesting point that fighting games aren't getting harder. I can't really speak for much here, since I only really focus on tekken.  However I will say that people quit on tekken for a reason, I've tried contacting the czech tekken scene at a school trip, only to learn that they would wait until t7...

    likewise I found strange that tekkens scene is more casual,I really don't get that impression. I mean a thing like tekkennation died, while the there's more sites for competitive stuff.
    I don't expect them the reinvent the wheel again, but I'm glad to hear that they are improving the AI, trying to make the single player experinence better and making the game a more rewarding pasttime =) 

    2015-12-07 19:56

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