"Do it yourself" Yoshimitsu mask?

"Do it yourself" Yoshimitsu mask?
Tenshimitsu 2012-08-09 19:52 6
 Interested in making a fast paper-mache Yoshimitsu mask?

I've just finished Kagekiyo mask. It took me about 10 hours altogether.
I might write a tutorial if you're interested.



  1. Wow! That is perfect. Really amazing work! As you know, I'm rather fond of this particular mask. My 'Yoshipie' wears it!

    2012-09-14 23:19
  2.  This is beautiful!  It's my favorite mask of his.

    2012-09-13 06:21
  3. The namco bandai tag completes it!
    Great job!

    2012-08-13 15:52
  4.  Even with this, i have not the talented to make it. But this is sweet!

    2012-08-13 03:54
  5. Cool! I like the "Namco Bandai" extensions xD

    2012-08-10 14:19
  6.  Wow, really nice work!! I'd love to make one of these!!!

    2012-08-09 22:03

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