Could this be the new Yoshi's costume?

Could this be the new Yoshi's costume?
Tenshimitsu 2011-01-17 08:37 12

Could this be the new Yoshi's costume in Tekken Tag Tournament 2?
This newest Yoshi model's statue is said to be based on the game data. Take a look!

( Source: Famitsu )


  1. Awesome new costume!!!! Better than his 2p costume from Tekken 6!!! Gives Yoshi another fresh new look.

    2011-01-28 22:25
  2. truely stuning,the whole costume screams godlike,even his swords are amazing,instead of normal katanas they have given him a future-istic tachie(older swored used before the katana)and a normal one,i dont know if this costume has a name but i am going to call it Kamie(god) YOSHIMITSU,

    2011-01-21 21:37
  3. I'm really loving this new looks. It's fresh and, yet, very familiar. I love the color scheme and all the little details. Awesome.

    2011-01-20 04:42
  4. Wow Really Nice.... Guess is yoshi is going to be in Top Tier :D well not my guess suiken from Level up your game :D its not like a reason but advantage :P

    2011-01-19 21:32
  5. Avatar

    Oh... And i'd like to buy that statue! That website is frustrating. It has option to rotate the picture.. I clicked on those arrows thinking that site was all cool and awesome and they would give me a 3d look around it but no.. Why would want to rotate a picture anyway? :/

    2011-01-19 17:09
  6. Avatar

    Very Soulcalibur looking. I'd like to customise him a bit more... *invents new word* 'Tekkeny' :D

    2011-01-19 17:04
  7. Check out this Harada's gallery as well:

    2011-01-18 13:44
  8. Soul Calibur, anyone?

    2011-01-17 18:38
  9. Its much better than the t6 custume much more ancient warrior than the prevoius ones I smell classic nostalgic already mark my words :))

    2011-01-17 13:26
  10. Beautiful new look!!!

    2011-01-17 12:07

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