Cardboard Tube Samurai as DLC!

Cardboard Tube Samurai as DLC!
Tenshimitsu 2009-12-07 10:39 2
For everyone who didn't have a chance to order exclusive Tekken 6 through GameStop:

the additional Yoshimitsu Costume, Cardboard Tube Samurai, is now available as a download content in the PS Store!

I hope it is available for all Tekken Regions, both PAL and NTSC. :)

Thank you Namco!



  1. Yoshimitsu has a picture of pac-man on the back of his costume.That shows how much Namco likes Yoshimitsu!:yes

    2009-12-24 20:08
  2. Avatar

    You know Tenshi, I think it would be nice if they gave us more to do with that costume. I mean it looks good and all, but sometimes I wish I can customize it or more like alter it :D

    Like trying out some different outfits with his straw hat and things like that. It would also be awesome to see a flag with Kunimitsu in it :D
    Just like Jin has one with a picture of his mother, but as my cousin pointed out, it says Asuka Kazama not Jun which I think is very weird eh.

    2009-12-11 01:39

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