Berlin Tekken Clash Tournament announced

Berlin Tekken Clash Tournament announced
Tenshimitsu 2010-03-02 18:55 20
On 8th May 2010 there will be a second big tournament in Europe:

Berlin Tekken Clash III

TekkenZaibatsu topic:

If you want to test your skills versus top European players, be sure to be there.
(I'll be there :D)


  1. Yeah, a forum thread should do just fine :)

    2010-03-16 14:08
  2. Well then, just come along as a spectator like me!! Though I warn you, I make a terrible fuss if I see Lily (if you're reading this Sumsamurai, you'll remember how it was in the arcade, right??).

    Besides, people won't rush strait home afterwards, I bet you'll get a chance to play a few friendly games, maybe?

    Anyway, you HAVE to come with me to ensure I don't get lost. Little old me all alone in Berlin? Surely you won't allow that?? Hehe..

    So.. who else is going? Shall we start a thread about this in the forum? Because maybe not everyone reads this (I usually don't).

    2010-03-16 13:07
  3. I don´t have that. -.-

    2010-03-15 19:18
  4. Yes, you're required to bring your own pad. Preferably a PS2 pad with a converter or PS3 wired pad (or sixaxis with disconnected battery).

    But it's only for the tournament. :)

    2010-03-15 11:31
  5. Why couldn´t I just be a tiny bit older

    2010-03-15 10:31
  6. XD hehe
    Alright! Then I guess you´ve made that decision for me ^^
    I kinda wanna join the tournament too, I rarely play against other ppl.
    (Which means I´ll get pawned within seconds)

    Can you explain to me please what this is supposed to mean:
    "ATTENTION: I want to see the pad of everyone!!! I only take the tourney fee and register someone for tourney, if the battery of his sixaxis is removed. Otherwise this person will not be able to attend to the tourney. Really!!! WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!"
    Would I have to bring a PS3 controller??

    2010-03-15 09:59
  7. Of course, go with Jembru! There's nothing better than meeting you in person. :) I would love to meet you all. :)

    2010-03-15 07:16
  8. I wonder if I should go there and join the tournament.
    Berlin is great and I´d like to stay there a weekend, but I´d only lose quickly XD
    I have no idea about frame data, only have a few relatively bad juggles, can´t really play on the right side (XD it´s just not the same!), generally don´t read strategy stuff, only play the PSP version and get mad easily when I continuously lose x.x" hehe
    But maybe maybe maybe I wouldn´t be thatbad...
    And maybe it would be a cool experience. Though if it´s really like in that Damagermany video, it´s unlikely. With a bunch of yelling dudes in the neck isn´t it kinda uncomfortable?
    Who´s gonna be there from here anyway?
    Tenshi, Zen. I know Jembru plans on going there but just to watch the tournament and meet up with you guys.
    Not sure yet if I should accompany her. <.<" hmmmmm

    2010-03-14 16:30
  9. Yeah, Yoshi punishes Yoshi in places where nobody else can :)

    2010-03-06 15:06
  10. Avatar


    realy? didn´t know that ^^

    2010-03-05 14:25

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