15 years of Manjikai! Kanpai!

15 years of Manjikai! Kanpai!
Tenshimitsu 2016-08-16 23:02 7
Happy 15th YOT anniversary! :)

Let's celebrate today Manjikai's 15th birthday!

Looking back, this website exists almost half of my lifetime! It's almost unbelievable. Yoshimitsu has gone under several changes during these years and yet we still remained his loyal fans. Sure thing, Manjikai is not as active as it used to be but it's because old members are adults now. :) However, I have a strong feeling Manjikai will be full of life very soon, with the arrival of Tekken 7... and who knows, maybe Soul Calibur 6?

I'd also like to thank you for being here and creating this unique community. I feel it has a distinct flavour and that Yoshi fans are unlike any other Tekken fans around here. We stay together and support each other no matter what. Thank you for these amazing memories :)

I haven't but finished yet a present I'm preparing for you - new version of YOT is in advanced progress and should be online by the end of this week.
It will be great! Stay tuned! :)

Gozou roppu mankai o-rei !!! <3


  1.  Happy 15th! Wish I had more to say but I'm just glad to be a part of this place and very glad that other members are still here as well. Looking forward to the new site just as much as I'm looking forward to T7. 

    All in due time. Cheers!

    2016-08-17 07:51
  2.  Happy 15th! Glad to have to met everyone here. May the good light of fortune shine on this site and everyone.

    2016-08-17 11:39
  3. Well said Boss. I hope more people would stay or return for that matter, but hey we are still here somehow, so something must be working very well around here ^^ I've had my fair share of good moments and memories with this place, and I'm sure more will be to come along the way, I still fancy that meeting that we spoke about someday XD

    I could have sworn that the birthday was today and not yesterday, quite a miss calucation from my part. But happy birthday Manjikai, and on a ending note. I'd like give a huge thanks for sticking around over the years guys and gals. 

    2016-08-17 17:02
  4.  Congratiulations Tenshimitsu and thank you so much! For this site and all the hard work you put into it, for letting me become a member, for all past (and future) matches of Tekken - it's all been awesome! I may be new to the community, but I can honestly say I know I'll love it here - I am so proud to be a member and I look forward to getting to know you all.

    Here's to the next 15 years! :D

    Sto Lat, Manjikai! :D

    2016-08-17 21:05
  5. Avatar

     Happy 15th birthday manjikai!!! Some of us didn't grow up and become adults. ;) We just got busier at work lol!

    Thanks for keeping the site alive for so long! That's real dedication!   I plan on making some yoshi art in the near future, look out for it! ;) 

    2016-08-18 08:43
  6. Kinenbi omedetou gozaima~su!

    Happy anniversary manjikai! I'm so glad to be back! Lets hope I can find my inner fangirl again. She's gotta be here somewhere.

    2016-08-19 06:07
  7.  Late to the party, but hooray, happy anniversary!! 

    2016-08-23 14:54

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