Secret techniques

Secret techniques
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Secret Ninja Attacks, By Kirimitsu

Welcome to the Shinobi Attack Styles section! As we observe and play Yoshimitsu carefully, we encounter the various different kinds of attack styles which exsist. Below, you will read about the four different attack styles, all strong and weak in their own ways.

It's just an illusion...

GenJutsu (The Art of Illusion)

GenJutsu techniques are composed of primarily, illusion techniques. At times it is hard to classify whether an attack is a NinJutsu or a GenJutsu, however the difference between the two is that what you see from a NinJutsu technique is real, as a GenJutsu technique is a copy or fake. GenJutsu attacks require Chakra and hand seals to be performed upon using a GenJutsu technique. Examples of GenJutsu techniques are Yoshimitsu's "Bushin no Jutsu" (Tekken Tag ending).

A dangerous Ninjutsu technique


NinJutsu techniques are, in combination with TaiJutsu, by far the most common techniques by Yoshimitsu and other Shinobi. Very few, if none, use GenJutsu as often as they use NinJutsu. NinJutsu, like GenJutsu requires the user to raise their Chakra while using these techniques, those who are incapable of raising their Chakra or controlling it will not be able to perform NinJutsu attacks. Examples of NinJutsu techniques are Yoshi's "Dokugiri" (Bad Breath) and "Mitama Kezuri" (Soul Stealer).

Soul Stealer: a combination between Tai- and Ninjutsu

TaiJutsu (Physical Attack)

TaiJutsu is basically hand to hand physical combat. TaiJutsu is effective against many because it does not user GenJutsu, KenJutsu nor NinJutsu, so an opponent cannot sense you building up Chakra because you are not using any! TaiJutsu is by far the hardest field to learn, one who undergoes the TaiJutsu training must be very dedicated and strong. Many Ninja are not up to the task, however Yoshimitsu seems to be an adept at it. Examples of TaiJutsu are "Ninpou Fuujin" (Tornado Drop) and "Ninpou Manji Sou" (Manji Spin Kicks). In some point, Soul Stealer can be counted as a TaiJutsu attack too.

Yoshi balances on his sword

KenJutsu (The Art of the Sword)

Kenjutsu is originally the Samurai's sword art and it requires the use of blades (In Yoshimitsu's case, this would be his namesake Katana 'Yoshimitsu'). Kenjutsu involves powerful, high commitment strikes to selected targets in order to wound or kill the opponent. There is a strong side of spiritual and philosophical study. KenJutsu does not require Chakra or hand seals, and thus has the same advantage as TaiJutsu. Yoshimitsu, however, has mastered the ability to channel his Chakra thrue his sword, thus making it possible to do even more powerfull attacks. Examples of KenJutsu are Yoshi's "Zetsumeiken" (Sword Impale), "Oboroguruma" (Moonsault Slayer) and "Jiraiba" (Flea).

Chakra used to perform a Jutsu  (poison breath)


Chakra, also known as Chakura, Ki or Chi, is the energy a Shinobi needs when performing a Jutsu. That energy has two parts. The body energy that is in each of the billions of your cells, and the spiritual energy gained through training and other experiences. To release Chakra means to bring out these two types of energy and mix them together within your body. By bringing out and releasing Chakra, you can use a Jutsu. This is done through the process of perfoming a Seal (In) with your hands. Based on what Jutsu you use, the type (fire, water, earth, wind, lightening) and amount of Chakra used will be different. Unless Chakra is controled properly, the Jutsu will be weakened or will not work at all. So, even if you have a high amount of Chakra, not being able to use it properly will effect your stamina. If you expel all of your Chakra, you die.

Holes (Opening Points/Tsubos)

The body has 361 of these pressure points (TenKetsu) all the size of the tip of a needle above the Inner Coil System. These are the exits for a persons Chakra. If you press these pressure points accurately. One can stop or increase your opponent's Chakra flow, controling the Chakra of the opponent at will.
Like the veins that carry blood, the Inner Coils System is spread through out the body. They are like branches that carry Chakra to all parts of the body and to the Chakra Holes. The Inner Coils surround all the Chakra producing organs. So if you attack the Inner Coils System you also cause damage to the inner organs.

The 8 gates

Eight Celestial Inner Body Gates

In the Inner Coils System, that Chakra flows through, are eight spots called the Initial, Heal, Life, Harm, Limit, View, Wonder, and Death Gates; each gate, when opened, does something different to the body. These Eight Gates are constantly working to limit the amount of Chakra that flows in the body. Certain Jutsu can open these gates with the use of Chakra, granting the user more power at the cost of their physical health. Opening them all is extremely dangerous, but it will give you tens of times more power than you had before, but you are almost certainly to die from it or, at the very least, severly damage your body.

1. Initial Gate - Releases the brains restraint over the body.
2. Heal Gate - Raises the stamina upon opening.
3. Life Gate
4. Harm Gate
5. Limit Gate
6. View Gate
7. Wonder Gate
8. Death Gate

Bunshin no Jutsu

Bunshin no Justu (copy/clone skill)

A basic Jutsu among the Lightning, Air and Void diciplines, which consumes an limited amount of Chakra but requires a lot of concentration to perform. When propely executed, this Justu will create realistic illusions of the caster for a certain amount of time (depending on the amount of Chakra used). These 'clones' can not attack since they are not physical bodies, therefore their use is more common as a diversion.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow copy/clone skill)

The skill that creates not just an illusion, but multiple real bodies of yourself. The strength of the clones is evenly distibuted among the user and every clone, making it impossible to disifer which is the original. Since these are real clones, unlike regular Bunshin no Jutsu, they can cause damage to an opponant. Once hit with an attack, the Kage Bunshin will disappear. This technique is a forbidden Jutsu, but is still known by many advanced Ninja.

Yoshi helps his Shadow Replication getting up
Yoshi uses Kage Bunshin on KunimitsuKage Bunshin is a forbidden technique

Sharingan (Copy Wheel Eye)

The Sharingan is a special physical condition that, passed down by birth, appears as a distinct shape or colour of the holder's iris, pupil or eye. It is sayed that the pupil of the Sharingan gives one the ability to read, and defeat all types of Tai-, Gen-, and NinJutsu and even make it possible to see a persons Chakra. It also allows the holder to copy the opponents Jutsu once they have been seen, or even while they are being preformed. (This looks a awfull lot like Yoshimitsu's Flash and SoulStealer ability, doesn't it? ~Kiri)

Sharingan in Yoshi's right eye

However, some say the Sharingan can neither read minds nor see the future. That it is simply a trick that makes an opponent think someone can. Simply an eye technique involving hypnotism and an attention for detail. By using those two abilities together, one can progress from copying the mind to copying the Jutsu. That this is the dance that makes it seem like a Sharingan user can see the future.


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  4. A lot of this is in the ninja based anime series, Naruto. In the show, there seems to be someone with the Sharigan as well as the main character using the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Accurate!

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    Secret to steath is the way we walk. Look at a baby walk. If he does not cry or shout, babies walk undetected. That is the ninja secret to walking.

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