The miracle of mindfullness by Thich Nhat Hahn

The miracle of mindfullness by Thich Nhat Hahn
Tenshimitsu 2014-12-27 19:43 0
If you want to be more mindfull, responsible and overally become a happy person, I recommend you greatly this little book!

It will inspire you to practice meditation daily - and also will explain in detail what is meditation.

Here's the link:

A fragment:

"Meditation is not evasion;
it is a serene encounter with reality. The person
who practices mindfulness should be no less
awake than the driver of a car; if the practitioner
isn't awake he will be possessed by dispersion
and forgetfulness, just as the drowsy
driver is likely to cause a grave accident. Be as
awake as a person walking on high stilts-any
mis-step could cause the walker to fall. Be like
a medieval knight walking weaponless in a
forest of swords. Be like a lion, going forward
with slow, gentle, and firm steps. Only with
this kind of vigilance can you realize total


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