Did you know? (2)

Did you know? (2)
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What about Yoshimitsu's outfits?

Have you ever seen “Predator” or “Predator 2” movie? With Arnold Schwarzenegger [ Predator ] or Danny Glover [ Predator 2 ]??? Well, I think that Yoshi´s Tekken 3/ Tag outfit is very similar to Predator´s one...Quite similar mask, armor...[ maybe not behaviour...Predator is an alien with very, very bad manners and he screams like...a pig ^_^ ]... in Tekken 3 intro is shown an invisible Yoshimitsu with the same electronic camouflage the Predator has... not to mention the original Namco´s picture titled “Space Ninja”, in which Yoshi is showing his skills in a space ship that resembles the Predator´s one from “Predator 2” movie...

As far as Tekken 4 is concerned... Yoshimitsu looks like a very big beetle... I found out  that his outfit is modeled on the spieces called “Oryctes nasicornis”. Just look at pictures below... Since now: I love beetles!

Oww...what a nice beetle!
I've gor a horn as well!!! I can fly! I can fly!!!^_^

The analysis describing qualities of the name of Yoshimitsu.

I took it not so long ago from the site entirely dedicated to names of every description [ but I forgot the address... oops! ]. I like it very much! I will not change anything:

Dear Yoshimitsu:
The following analysis describes a few qualities of your name. There are many additional factors (legal name, nicknames, family surname, combined names, previous names, and business signature) that contribute to your entire personality - and your entire life.


Your name of Yoshimitsu has many sterling qualities but does not give you an overall stability. You do everything with an intensity to the point of fervour, and either you feel tremendous elation or you are in the depths of despair. People often disappoint you because you are idealistic and are apt to place those whom you admire on a pedestal. Then you become disillusioned when they fall short of your expectations. You are quick mentally and like to see things moving at an accelerated pace. Patience is not one of your virtues; you want to move when the impulse strikes you. While such spontaneity is fine at times, you must take account of conditions and employ careful analysis so as to avoid disastrous results such as accidents due to hasty actions. Most things you do, you do well, but as soon as the task, hobby, or job becomes familiar or routine, you are bored and crave a change. Travel and new horizons ever intrigue you, but your hunger for greener fields is insatiable, and so you do not experience contentment and peace of mind. There is such a driving power within you that, you cannot find an outlet or if your actions are thwarted in some way, you feel the reaction through extreme tension in the region of your solar plexus. The intensity and consequent outbursts leave hurt feelings in their wake, usually involving those closest to you. Any weakness in your health would result from your sensitive and high-strung nature in stomach disorders such as nervous indigestion or ulcers.

Yoshimitsu: The Sword

[ Tenshimitsu & Zombiemitsu ]

First time I started thinking about Yoshimitsu's sword was his appearance in Soul Calibur. I was quite disappointed to see Yoshimitsu being a den character or something... [ Yoshi's second outfit. ] I was also unsure if Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur and from Tekken is the same person. Their profiles differs from each other, Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur is slightly smaller than Yoshi from Tekken... I affirmed that Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu is a kind of "ancestor" of Tekken Yoshi [ well, Soul Calibur tournament is claimed to have taken place in the Middle Ages... ]... but only "a kind of". ^_^ why? Let me explain:
Yoshimitsu - the Sword of Good Luck and Light, the sacred sword of the Manji, which has the power to possess souls... If we read only Tekken stories, we cannot tell how Yoshimitsu got his sword. Soul Calibur ending seems to explain the supernatural power of his weapon:

"Taste my blade hell spawn!"
Yoshimitsu's silver blade brought down the demonic sword. However a spark from the demon sword struck Yoshimitsu's blade and it began to shed a strange aura.
"Has my sword been possessed by evil?
He gathered money and food for poor and helpless people.
The good name spread throughout the land.
Many great heroes sought his good name.

When we compare these arguments to the legend of the Yoshimitsu sword [ The sword Yoshimitsu is said to be a relic of unimaginable value. It has been handed down through the Swastika band from the very beginning and it has the power to sever an enemy both spiritually and mentallly. The sword exchanges hands when a new leader is elected. The old leader is ritually sacrificed and the swords power is transferred to it's new owner. ], then we see that Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur is really a kind of ancestor of the Tekken Yoshimitsu. On the other hand - memories and experience of past leaders remains in the sword, so we can say that the spirit of Yoshimitsu only exchanges a body. Yoshimitsu is ageless indeed! And [ to my happiness ] this is the never ending story!
To prove my words: Japanese legend says that "the sword is the soul of samurai"... The sword doesn't have to be named just like the owner... well, as far as Yoshimitsu is concerned, I think that THE PERSON is named just like the sword! ^_^ which means exactly that the sword is an inseparable part of its owner's nature. Now you know why Yoshimitsu [ a person! ^_^ ] never parts with his sword!
Going back to Yoshimitsu's outfits in Soul Calibur... I'm more and more sure that I'm right. ^_^ Just look at a den Yoshi - he looks like he's all made of d! I don't like it, but anyway...
So what about Tekken? Yoshimitsu from Tekken [ I mean - a person! ^_^ ] is claimed to be an alien. But it doesn't make any difference, does it? ^_^ The only thing I'm hesitant about is his Tekken sword. Hey, it's not a "classical" katana! He has many types of swords: blue, red, green lightsabres... Can it still be the same katana?
Considering these facts:... in Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu's soul was transfered into the sword [ we can say that Yoshimitsu became a sword, a pure fighting spirit ]. In Tekken however, I think that the sword's power ( say: the sword's soul! ) became Yoshimitsu - the person. It means that he's even more powerful than in Soul Calibur! HE is ageles, HE has the power to take opponent's life! Yai! He will be the Manji leader forever, he controls his fate. ^_^ Great! I would be happy to know that Yoshi from Tekken took a full controll over his power. ^_^

New viewpoint: Zombiemitsu told me something interesting about Yoshi's Tekken 4 outfit:

He doesn't have a head, you can see the glowing red eyes from behind. You can see his head is hollow. Maybe he is really just a ghost. He is no longer living or dead , he just exists. He transcends life and death.

Well...really? [ personally, I didn't notice it... do you have a big, clear picture of his head? Maybe his head is not hollow, but his mouth is covered with a black material, like ninja? ] It means that Yoshimitsu's sword is the same since the very beginning?... o_O? Or maybe he spares his sword for more dangerous fights or something, and uses lightsabres in a tournament? It's all so complicated! ^_^ I will be sure if I see the CLEAR picture of his Tk 4 2nd outfit! ^_^ If anybody has an idea how to combine all these facts, I would be very glad to hear another point of view!
OK, my last word: Yoshi IS a human being in Tekken 4! [ somewhat "upgraded", but anyway... ] Look at this picture of his head: Click here to view the picture. You can notice a piece of his ear and cheek. So maybe I'm not wrong?

Going back to the topic, Zombiemitsu told me more about Yoshimitsu's "hollow head":

You can see Yoshi's red eyes through his hair really good when you lose, when it asks continue and counts down the camera pans behind Yoshi. His head is down cause he's mad he lost. When the countdown is 3,2,1 you can see it good. I'm not saying for sure his head is hollow. It just looks that way. Also he looks like a robot, you can't see any human skin. But on the character select screen, the 1p Yoshi ( the one with the skull face/insect outfit) you definitely see human skin on his neck below his helmet kinda thing. Maybe the 1p is real Yoshi and the second is robot Yoshi ( maybe doctorB. made it) haha I'm just making theories, I don't know for sure.

Yeah, I'm not sure as well... maybe this transparent hair is just a game glitch? But hey, the "Robo-Yoshi" holds a classical katana! [ maybe without a tsuba, but it's made of steel! ]. So, Yoshimitsu really has the same sword as in Soul Calibur, no matter Tekken 2, 3 and Tag lighsabres???...maybe? I have no idea! This sword doesn't have to be an original Yoshimitsu... NAMCO! At last make everything clear!!! The legend of the sword says that no one can forge a copy of Yoshimitsu-the sword, so what about all these Yoshi's lightsabres? Who can make all of this logical!?
Zombiemitsu is sure that Yoshimitsu has only one sword:

Yoshimitsu's sword has always been the same sword from the Soul Calibur days. Passed on to the head of the Manji-clan who then takes the name Yoshimitsu. I think the sword can glow at times or just look normal. Sometimes it's green like a light sabre and it also glows red when you steal a move in t4 (my favorite is the red). It's a crazy, whacked-out magic sword.

Well... It would be great... but what about an original Namco's picture named "The Space Ninja", in which Yoshimitsu poses with two green light sabres? [ click here for the picture ] What about a rumour about a laser weapon created by Dr Boskonovitch? Ronimitsu [ Ronald Delval, the author of Yoshimitsu fan fics ] made an interesting theory: in his opinion Yoshimitsu's sword was kinda "upgraded", together with Yoshimitsu's body, and Dr Boskonovitch managed to forge some copies of the "Sword of the Devils" which maybe aren't as powerful as the original sword, but they are definitely more lethal than a regular sword. Heh, we're all making theories... ^_^ Everything's possible in Tekken. Imagine this:

Yoshimitsu: "Hey, Doc! I got bored with the green colour: could you change it into blue?"

Heh heh heh....^_^

THE SWORD - Part two

My final conclusion is similar to Ronald Delval's point of view. I think than Yoshimitsu's sword was upgraded together with his body, which is very logical. I don't think that a laser can be curved and shaped in the form of a katana. Sometimes Yoshi's sword doesn't shine, have you noticed? Look at the picture of Yoshi in YOT Home Page, the sword looks like a green piece of material, not like a kind of concentrated energy. What I think is: The soul of the sword is its blade, the rest can be changed at one's will. Maybe Doctor Boskonovitch modified the sword's handle and so it generates the energy which wraps around the blade? Or maybe Doctor covered the sword with the material which strengthen the sword's inner power and creates the bright aura? It's getting more and more clear if we take into consideration the famous Yoshi's move: "Yoshimitsu Flash". How can Yoshimitsu make the sword flash in the moment he chose? The sword must have been upgraded, I can't see any other way. ^_^ Yoshimitsu and the sword are a one being indeed! Yoshimitsu's understanding of his sword's structure and capabilities is outstanding! ^_^ And I think that it's only the beginning!

Another thing: In Soul Calibur 2, the history of Yoshi's sword was changed a little bit. Now it's claimed that his sword has gained the magical abilities in Ostheinsburg Castle. Evils spirits that residented in this monumental building were drawn to Yoshi's katana, because it was used to shed blood in the past. That day Yoshimitsu named his sword, and his legend began! ^_^

Do you have any comments? ^_^

“Yoshimitsu: is he really "The Space Ninja" we know?”

[ Kirimitsu ]

I have been thinking [very uncommon for me ^_^] about something the last few weeks.. Yoshi is a Space Ninja. Perhaps the name Space Ninja has a deeper meaning than we think. Please read on:

In most legends and games that involve Ninjas, the Shinobi follow a certain fighting and movement style that is based on one of the Five Rings.

the Void Ring  
When I say "one of the Five Rings", i mean the Japanese Legend of the Five Rings: five powers, or elements, that make the world as it is and keep it in balance. Those Five Rings are: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Void. Every living thing has a bit of each of these elements [some a little bit more of one element than the other] in them. They work in harmony and provide powerfull raw energy.

Okey - as I was saying, most Ninja's use a certain syle that is based on one of these elements, or a mix of a few of these elements. The most common element for a Ninja is Wind. (Take a close look at most of the DOA Ninja characters for example, then you'll find out that they are all Wind-Ninja's)

Yoshimitsu and other Manji don't seem to base their movement and fighting style on the Wind element. Nor do they base them on the Water, Fire or the Earth element. The only element from the Five Rings that is left is... Void! The biggest element of all! It makes sense when you think about it: One of Yoshi's Tekken 4 moves is called "Void dance" and "Void" is another word for "Space" !!

One of the characteristics of the void element, is that persons that are trained in the art of this Ring, or possess the power to channel and control this type of raw energy, have no real presence (a mental manifestation) in the immaterial plane [a.k.a. the Spirit World, that is parallel to our world according to Japanese legends and Shinto beliefs]. Instead of that, there is just a "gap" or "void" where normaly the creature's spirit would be. Is this why Yoshi can suck the life out of opponents, or steal their soul?? Because it gets sucked inside the "void"?

This can also mean that those who master the Void Dicipline are immune to attacks or influence from the immaterial plane (attacks from evil spirits for example) or are not susceptible to diseases. (The few people who read my small fanfiction perhaps noticed I included this theory about these so-called "Void disciplines" into the story) "Yoshimitsu - the Void Ninja" doesn't sound so strange or illogical at all to me! What do you think ??

[ Tenshimitsu ]

What I think is: Yoshimitsu is called "Uchuu ninja". Uchuu means "Outer Space", or "Outer Void", but it don't really have to mean the cosmic space. Maybe it means "Transcendental Void"? ^_^ It would be great, because it means that Yoshimitsu's abilities "are not from this world", he just reached the enlightenment.

That's why he has a "Void" kanji on his right arm [ Tekken 2 ] or his back [ Tekken 4 ]. ^_^ That's why he says "Shiki soku ze kuu", "the form is itself void". He understands the structure of the world! Everything is one, derives from the only one essence of things that has the nature of void. Everything has the same source, is based on the same energy, no matter it's a spirit or matter (:-P nice rhyme). Do you remember the previous article about Yoshi's sayings? Read on!

Especially he trains his mind to be void: in this way he's able to see the only truth. All our thoughts are powerful, but distract us, making us be unable to see the real world. With a constant mess in our heads, we live in a dream-like trance. Having our mind cleaned, we are able to see the REALITY. Not to mention that with such a prepared mind, if we think about something, it becomes a reality! "All things are void", derive from one substance... we are not different from surrounding world, we are THE ONE. And because we are the one, we can change everything at our will, using our minds, thoughts, hands (that is: our "form", our body) and... will:)
That's why Yoshi can teleport. :) He's better in controlling the world than any human being. He mastered the transcendental void and so he lives in perfect harmony with the world.

About the gap in his mental representation: I think that his soul in fact exists, but is transcendent. :) That's why it was called "a gap". [ in buddhism, a human being has a soul, mind, thought, will and form: and they all have the nature of void. :) Yoshi says: "Shiki soku ze kuu", but it's only the beginning of the "Heart Sutra"! ]. It's difficult to understand, but we are all the one, we have the same essence, yet at the same time: we are separated beings, individual living creatures. It's one of the miracles of God.

And so Yoshimitsu understood that Void is the most powerful element: fire, water, earth, wind: they're all only manifestations of void.

[ Kirimitsu ]

From: "The Book of the Void."

The Ni To Ichi Way of Strategy is recorded in this Book of the Void. What is called the spirit of the void is where there is nothing. It is not included in man's knowledge. Of course the void is nothingness. By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist. That is the void.

People in this world look at things mistakenly, and think that what they do not understand must be the void. This is not the true void. It is bewilderment. In the Way of Strategy, also, those who study as warriors think that whatever they cannot understand in their craft is the void. This is not the true void.

To attain the Way of Strategy as a warrior you must study fully other martial arts and not deviate even a little from the Way of the Warrior. With your spirit settled, accumulate practice day by day, and hour by hour. Polish the twofold spirit heart and mind, and sharpen the twofold gaze perception and sight. When your spirit is not in the least clouded, when the clouds of bewilderment clear away, there is the true void.

Until you realise the true Way, whether in Buddhism or in common sense, you may think that things are correct and in order. However, if we look at things objectively, from the viewpoint of laws of the world, we see various doctrines departing from the true Way. Know well this spirit, and with forthrightness as the foundation and the true spirit as the Way. Enact strategy broadly, correctly and openly.

Then you will come to think of things in a wide sense and, taking the void as the Way, you will see the Way as void. In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness.

~Twelfth day of the fifth month, second year of Shoho (1645)
Written by Teruo Magonojo, for SHINMEN MUSASHI

[ Tenshimitsu ]

It's very, very logical. Do a little experiment: while walking on a gravelled path, desire to find a coin, with your whole heart... in a matter of time, you will see coins everywhere! Of course it will be only the illusion, BUT... you have just realized that your thoughts in some extend model your way of perception! How many times you thought that you saw your friend in a crowd when you were thinking about him? Do you sometimes have a feeling that if you are sad, a whole world is dull and dark? Yeah... ^_^ So why do you think that if you say that something is true, it's REALLY true? For somebody else your ideas may be wrong, because his or her perception is different. We are young in the scale of the world, we cannot controll our minds! No wonder there is so much of misunderstandment. :) No wonder there are so many "ways", interpretations: and things that should be good and bring order: are misused, cause wars and evil. [ just look at religions, how can people kill each other in the name of God? Nonsense! ]. That's why each one of us should first know oneself, know one's way of thinking, recognize all the tricks that our mind uses to fool us. :) If you think "mine", "I", "me": you're at the beginning of your way. :) How can you think "mine"? How can you talk to yourself in your mind? You haven't yet reached the perfect harmony. :)

I do not claim that our thoughts are useless: they are our greatest weapon, but only if used correctly. As I said before, we continuously think about too many things in one moment, which causes a real mess and make us be unable to focus on reality. Samurais mastered the way of void, which means that they felt only what were "now": not the future or past. What is now determines the future and was determined by the past. Only NOW is important. :) NOW is the reality. And so samurais were always ready to defend themselves and were never suprised by sudden attacks. It was called "dairokkan", the sixth sense. :)

So what really matters in our life? The answer is simple: DEVELOPMENT. Just look at the surrounding world and you will see that it's the truth. All living forms are doing everything to be better: taking a look at the evolution of life: from little protozoans to mammals and human beings, we realize that the spirit of the world desires perfection. We don't need to have longer claws or more sharp teeth to survive, so...? Of course we should develop our greatest instrument: our mind.

If you do something with a great devotion: there's no "me" or "mine". If you're working on something: you're in perfect harmony with the world, and the world is helping you in your efforts. The aim is not as important as the creation itself! During this process you learn, develop yourself, experience problems but also goals: it makes you stronger and stronger, it makes you happy. :) No matter what you are doing: you have to do it as good as you can. Find something that you think is your best interest, what gives you satisfaction. And never give up. :)

Another thing to realize is that we cannot live without an Earth. Don't we dare to think about Mars while our world suffers? What a human's pride... The way of Void teaches us that we should long for the harmony with this world. It's the only way. Unfortunately, we are parasites taking what we need, and even destroying for the only satisfaction. Thinking that we are the greatest living forms, we want to be independent... from WHAT, I ask? Hah hah, all right, but if we want to be truly independent, we should not eat, breathe, and even piss, heh heh :) The harmony is the only way. :)

The Art of Void teaches us to be flexible and prepared. "In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness" - as we read before. That's because we are not subjective, we are not led by laws and rights taught to us in our childhood, which we automatically considered as the truth. We understood that under all laws and principles is only one, true Virtue, only one Law, only one Way: interpreted so many times in so many ways.

Start the hard work of learning yourself right now: if you say "later": you will never start.

The way of Void: the sequel

[ Tenshimitsu ]

"the Void" is only a definition to describe a stance of our minds, it's not literally a void. What I mean is that one can think that if he/she will think nothing and artificially create a void inside his/her mind, doing nothing ( because "all is void", so why should I care about this world?) the effect will be different. It will cause only grief and disappointment. It's not the way! The void should be described rather as the stance in which you are "all eyes and ears", you're completely opened on this world, having nothing to hide inside, and so being freed from your dark thoughts. [ in heart sutra it's called "no eyes, no ears, no nose...": it's the same meaning as "to be all eyes, etc" :) ] It's the stance of total awareness of the present; the stance of complete understandment: you see a stone and you know it's stone, DOT :) You see a person, not the person's past deeds [ it would automatically determine your attitude towards this person ]. Even if somebody does something wrong, you understand it and so you're still peacefull. [ it was called "infinite compassion and mercy", I call it just understandment :) ]. You have the dignity of being a human creature, because of this you respect everybody and everything the way they are.

The void is also used in combat purposes. :) I mentioned "dairokkan", the "great sixth sense". The adept of Void not only is always aware of sudden attacks and knows if somebody watches/follows him, but also: he's impossible to be sensed by his opponent. :) He lives in such a harmony with the world that he cannot be noticed. :)

So how to know that you're close to this stance? You know it when you cannot just sit and do nothing. :) The true harmony (void) is creative. :) You know it if nobody can really hurt you. And there's also something about our way: this stance is flexible, it cannot be once and for all won: we must fight for it every minute. It's like a river, which we must keep in good shape: sometimes the water stops in a bend... ^_^ well... it's just as our mind or muscles: not trained will be weaker and weaker. :) We must keep ourself in a good shape :)

[ Kirimitsu ]

That's correct! But how about using these stances and techniques in the heat of battle? Is it possible to harness these powers to do your bidding? Be mindful that of all the elemental forces that make up the universe, the most difficult to control is the one that lies between and joins the others: The Void. Some trained individuals can call upon and direct only the individual forces of specific elements, while others can use them all. But Void disciples understand that everything in the world contains all the basic elements, held together by the least tangible essence. Void is like the silence between notes of music, giving rhythm and shape to the whole. To those who understand the relationship of Void to all other things, and who have the innate ability to personally perceive that relationship, distance and form become inconsequential.

Those who have mastered the path of Void are called Ishihen, and are charged with the task of listening across the world's underlying stream of Void for the births of those who have an innate affinity for Void, and supervising the training of these individuals as they mature .

Sense Void technique
One of the first technique taught to the Void disciple is the ability to reach out with the mind and sense the world around, exploring the unseen layer of reality most people rarely experience. The Void disciple's consciousness actually departs her body and extends into the world, allowing her to use her normal senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) to perceive what ever area, person, or thing she directs her attention to.

Yoshimitsu's Seiyuu (Voice Actor)

This is the man who does the voice acting for Yoshimitsu, Nightmare and adult Link in SoulCalibur 2, and what a wonderful job he does! Born in Hiroshima, Japan, on August 25th, 1967, Nobuyuki Hiyama has done literally dozens of voices for animes, video games, television shows, and more. Information on him was extremely scarce, surprisingly, but this is what I was able to come up with:
He’s 166 cm tall, weighs 60 kg, wears a shoe size of 25 cm (who ever found that out?), and has a blood type of A (did his doctor give the interview?). He also works for Arts Vision.
Here are his most famous roles other than Yoshi:

Nobuyuki Hiyama  

Dot Hack infection (Balmung & Marlo) , Dot Hack Sign (Balmung) , Dot Hack Mutation (Marlo) , Rurouni Kenshin (Daigorou Okuma) , Yuu Yuu Haakusho (Hiei) , Record of Lodoss War [TV version] (Orsen) , The Visions of Excaflowne (Ort) , Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel (Strikemyer) , Arc the Lad (Toshi) , Sailor Moon/Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (Mercurius) , Ehrgeiz (Roddy) , Marmalade Boy (William Matheson) , Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue:STOP DIGIMON! (Link) , Cartoon All-Star Smash Stadium (Link) .
Star Ocean [SNES] (Dorn & Marto) , Star Ocean [SNES] (Joshua Jerand) , SoulCalibur 2 (Nightmare) , SoulCalubur 2 (Link)


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    Quote Tensi: "Sometimes Yoshi's sword doesn't shine, have you noticed?"

    Watch yoshimitsus tk5 ending the sword dims right after he kills bryan. He's obviously just eaten Bryans soul yum! yum! He must have felt so relieved.:D

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