Have you ever been drawn by that delicate shadow falling on Yoshimitsu's mask? If yes, then you like the secrecy which clouds Yoshimitsu's character... we will try to uncover some of his mysteries.

6 Did you know? (2)

Did you know? (2)

Tenshimitsu 2005-04-10 22:54

What about Yoshimitsu's outfits? Have you ever seen “Predator” or “Predator 2” movie? With Arnold Schwarzenegger [ Predator ] or Danny Glover [ Predator 2 ]??? Well, I think that ...

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9 Did you know...?

Did you know...?

Tenshimitsu 2005-04-10 22:23

What does =Yoshimitsu= mean? The name "Yoshimitsu" consists of two words: "Yoshi" [which means "good luck", "good omen"] and "Mitsu" [ "shine", "glow", "light", etc. ]. Below you can see =Yoshimitsu= written in Japanese kanjis: ...

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1 SC2 Translations

SC2 Translations

Tenshimitsu 2005-04-10 21:53

Namco Playstation 2 Soul Calibur 2 Yoshimitsu's Quotes Translation a. Legal Stuff: Soul Calibur 2 and Yoshimitsu are Namco properties. Playstation 2 is Sony Corp. properties. This document is 3island18 properties. No ...

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4 TK Translations

TK Translations

Tenshimitsu 2005-04-23 16:02

Tekken Yoshimitsu's Quotes Translation Legal Stuff: This document was made by Tenshimitsu, with a great help of Suekichi from the Hara-kiri Shrine and SumSamurai. Probably soon you'll be able to hear the voices... but it dep...

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