Yoshimitsu Bio

Yoshimitsu Bio
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Country of origin: None (formerly Japan)
Fighting style: Advanced Manji ninjutsu
Weapon: Katana
Weapon name: Yoshimitsu!
Age: unknown
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Leader of the Manji Clan
Hobby: Watching sumo, net surfing
Likes: Arcade video games
(especially those in Shinjuku, Japan)
Dislikes: Villains, Poor Losers

Yoshimitsu's history

Tekken 1

An automaton [???!!! His Tekken2 outfit doesn´t look like a robo-Yoshi! *Tenshimitsu*] in the form of a ninja swordsmaster, nobody knows where Yoshimitsu comes from or why he has entered the tournament. He has been linked with a notorious syndicate of thieves however...
Version 1
A Ninja from space, also head of the world theft ring, the "Manji Group." The Manji Group steals only from people who profit from dishonest activities. They are a group of Robin Hoods who return things to poor people. While taking part in the tournament with himself as a decoy, his purpose is to have his clansmen steal the operating funds of the tournament.
Version 2
Yoshimitsu is the leader of the "Manjito", an international criminal organization. The "Manjito" only steal from those who profit by committing injustices, so they are a group of righteous robbers who eliminate merciless people. While he serves as a decoy in the tournament, Yoshimitsu's henchmen will be stealing the operating funds of the Rave War.

Tekken 2

Leader of the Manji/Swastika clan of ninja bandits from a remote mountain region, Yoshimitsu is reputed to have clawed his way out of the bowels of the earth to lead the posse of outlaws from obscurity. The ninjas swoop down from their hideout to rob and pillage, distributing their gains amongst the poor villagers.After dismissing a female assassin(Kunimitsu) from his ranks, for stealing, Yoshimitsu plans a more difficult mission; attempting to infiltrate the Soviet laboratory of Dr Boskonovitch to steal the infinite energy engine that Jack-2 is powered by.
Unfortunately, his team was spotted and, during their retreat, military lasers severed Yoshimitsu's left arm. The mission proved to be a partial success as the scientist accompanied the group out of the Akihabara. To relay his gratitude, Bosconovich fitted Yoshimitsu with a cybernetic arm. It was when Kazuya's men kidnapped the doctor that Yoshimitsu flew into a rage and entered the second tournament to free his venerable scientist.

Tekken 3

Official: "Lending a helping hand..."
Boskonovitch created the Cold Sleep machine during his experiments in his search for eternal life. The technology, still unproven, was used to preserve his young daughter, who suddenly passed away.
Yoshimitsu raised research funds and as the leader of the Manji party, he helped the poor and disadvantaged. Yoshimitsu visited Boskonovitch when he learned of the many martial artist disappearances. The "Yo-man" was surprised to find Boskonovitch suffering from a mysterious pathological organism. It's believed to have been contracted during lab experiments while making the Cold Sleep machine.
Like some weird sci-fi story, Boskonovitch claims he needs blood from Ogre to live. Indebted to Boskonovitch for saving his life, Yoshimitsu enters the tournament to help an old friend.
Version 1
Dr Bosconovitch saved Yoshimitsu's life, but the circumstances are still not totally clear.[ Well, I think that Dr Boskonovitch saved Yoshi´s life after he was seriously wounded by the military lasers mentioned above^_^ *Tenshimitsu*] Whatever the story, Yoshimitsu now fights for the poor and disadvantaged. This also helps fund Bosconovitch's experiments. Yoshi entered the 3rd Iron Fist Tournament to obtain the blood of Ogre, the God of Fighting. With this, Dr B can complete his research and bring his daughter back to life after she died during the doctors "cold sleep" experiment.
Version 2
Yoshimitsu is the leader of the Manji Clan, a notorious gang of Robin Hood-like space thieves. He entered the Tournament upon learning that his friend Dr. Boskonovitch needs Ogre's blood to live. Yoshimitsu now fights to save the life of the man who once saved him.

Tekken 4

As the leader of the Manji Party, Yoshimitsu dedicated himself to providing food, medical assistance, and shelter to the ever-increasing number of political refugees around the world. Unfortunately, with a constant lack of necessary funding and manpower, Yoshimitsu was unsure about the future of his organization.When Yoshimitsu heard about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, he envisioned a union between the Manji Party and the Mishima Zaibatsu. With this dream in mind, Yoshimitsu decides to enter the Tournament immediately. He must defeat Heihachi Mishima at any cost.

Tekken 5

Yoshimitsu, head of the Manji Party, plans to use money from winning the tournament to help the starving people of the world.
At the end of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Yoshimitsu broke into the mishima zaibatsu vaults and stole the money for his own. During this operation, Yoshimitsu noticed the fallen Brian Fury and rescues Brian for Dr. Boskonovich.
One month later an S.O.S. goes out from Dr. Boskonovich's research facility. Yoshimitsu rushes to the facility and finds everything in ruins and many members of the Manji party slaughtered. Yoshimitsu finds the defeated Dr. Boskonovich in the deepest section of the research laboratories and Dr. Boskonovich tells him that it was Brian, with his newly implanted Perpetual Power Generator, that was responsible for the carnage.
"HE destroyed those who helped him... I'll never forgive him."
Yoshimitsu's fist shakes with anger.
When Yoshimitsu hears Brian has entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Yoshimitsu signs up as well, seeking revenge on behalf of his dead Manji Party members.

Tekken 6

Unofficial translation #1
Yoshimitsu became aware of the Enchanted Yoshimitsu’s rapid descent into disorder while pursing Bryan Furry and trying to avenge his slain clansmen.

The Enchanted Yoshimitsu (that is of course his sword) is actually a Demon Slayer sword; its constant need for blood drives its wielder on to satisfy its needs. And until now, Yoshimitsu had managed to suppress the enchanted sword’s wild cravings by cutting down the evil spirited ones, but that balance has been deteriorating lately, and if things continue as they are, the sword will begin craving a new host. Aware of the situation, Yoshimitsu has taken on another sword, one capable of sealing the power of the enchanted sword, temporarily evading its wild cravings.

Yoshimitsu has entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, where those with wicked spirits will gather, in order to restore the Enchanted Yoshimitsu’s balance.

Unofficial translation #2
Trying to avenge his fallen Manji clan comrades, while going after Bryan Fury, Yoshimitsu realizes that his sword is weakening.

His sword is a cursed blade. By killing evil doers and villains the sword would retain its power, otherwise the cursed sword will make the user go insane.

Yoshimitsu realizes that he can no longer use his old sword and decides to use another blade that seals the properties of the cursed sword. He then decides to enter the King of Iron Fist 6 Tournament.


Tekken 1 Ending

Yoshimitsu successfully steals the funds from the first tournament and gives the cash to the local poor people.

Tekken 2 Ending

The Yo-man sees the helicopter with Bosconovitch flying away and he jumps up, breaks through the window, and grabs Bosconovitch. He jumps out and does the deathcopter (also called SenPuuKen: his newly learned technique) as the helicopter explodes. He didn't kill anybody in the helicopter: pilots parachuted from the machine.

Tekken 3 Ending

Yoshimitsu and Dr. Boskonovitch are in a laboratory. A jar labeled "Ogre's Blood" sits on a counter filled with a bubbling green substance. They watch a white rat drink some of the liquid from a petri-dish, and look at each other in awe. Suddenly the rat cringes in pain. Yoshimitsu grabs Boskonovitch and runs away from the house as fast as possible. The house explodes as a giant rat goes flying out towards the screen.

Tekken Tag Ending

Yoshimitsu defeats Kunimitsu in the Serene Forest. However, Tekken Tag Tournament has nothing to do with Tekken history.

Tekken 4 ending

Well, ... Tekken 4 ending has many mysteries to uncover! Thanks to Kirimitsu, I took a closer look to what Yoshimitsu said, and together we discovered something odd... ^_^ Firstly, read two translations of Heihachi's and Yoshimitsu's words: the free translation, which was made before an English version of Tekken 4 arrived, and the official Tekken 4 translation:

Free translation

[ Narrator ] "Knowledge of the victory stirred up support for the Manjitou. This was the first in a long time that the higan was fulfilled. But Yoshimitsu knew what kind of man Heihachi Mishima was. Yoshimitsu gave the party members instructions and faced the Mishima Headquarters alone."
[ Heihachi ]
"The victor of the tournament is you, but I will not hand over the Mishima Zaibatsu to the Manjitou. You are the embroidery carrying the Manjitou. You provoke the general public with your unrealistic ideals, because of this, you are a hinderance to me."
[ Yoshimitsu ]
"You have decided to go down the road of immorality."
[ Voice from speakers ]
"The vault at the center of the Financial Affairs office has been breached. The Manjitou helicopter..."
[ Heihachi ]
"What? Y-You. Fire! Follow them! Damn you Yoshimitsu!"

Official Tekken 4 translation [ thanks to Kirimitsu!!! ]

[ Narrator ]
"When word of victory reached the Manji Clan, they were ecstatic-- their long-wanted wish would finaly come true... Yoshimitsu, however, knew better than to trust Heihachi Mishima. Yoshimitsu gave an order to his Clan members and headed to the Mishima manor."
[ Heihachi ]
"You may have won the tournament...
but I will never hand over Mishima Zaibatsu to the Manji Party! You Manji are nothing but a bunch of con artists. You incite the masses with your false promises-- and get in our way."
[ Yoshimitsu ]
"Those who tread the path of evil, shall face judgement eventually."
[ Voice from speakers ]
"Someone has broken into the central treasury vault! Sir, the Manji have lifted the entire vault with a helicopter!"
[ Heihachi ]
"What? Y-You! Shoot him! After him! Damn you, Yoshimitsu!"

Heh heh, and here's the funny part: Yoshimitsu does NOT exactly say what was mentioned above... ^_^ Do you want to read more? Really? Jump to "Did you know" page!!!

Tekken 5 Ending

Bryan walks slowly through desolated, ruined city. He senses danger but he cannot tell from which side he should expect Yoshimitsu's attack... Then, he suddenly notices him behind the wall. He shoots wildly with his minigun to Yoshimitsu, who starts running away. The bullets chase them... but Yoshimitsu disappears. Bryan looks around, searching for him... and then he looks up, only to see Yoshimitsu coming at him with his famous "Oboroguruma" attack (Moonsault slayer, QCF+1 ^^"""). He knew he didn't have any chance. Yoshimitsu landed behind him, and after a second, Bryan explodes. Yoshimitsu said: "Inga Ouhou!". It means "Retribution".

Yoshimitsu's stages

Yoshimitsu of course has his own arenas in Tekken. :) Although I don't really know which stage was his in Tekken 1 [ the stages were completely random... ], I can tell you for sure that Yoshi has his very very own stage in Tekken 2, 3 and Tag. Tekken 4 is a little bit enigmatic since not one, but TWO stages match Yoshi [ Jungle Stage... just because it's a forest, and of course Shinjuku! ]. As for Tekken 5, his stage isn't the forest as well, but the climate and meaning of the stage perfectly matches Yoshi's desire for revenge

Tekken 2 - Serene Forest

Let's start with Tekken 2. As far as I know, his stage is called "Serene Forest". It's a dark, damp coniferous forest, which matches Yoshimitsu perfectly in my opinion. Not to mention just awesome Background Music! [ Yeah, we have it in our collection in "Y-podcast" page! ]. The mix of techno beats and monk's singing is just awesome! For many experienced Tekken players it's the best background music in the whole Tekken series.

Tekken 3 - Serene Forest... again!

Tekken 3 stage: it's Serene Forest again! But... a little bit different. :) Below are thumbnail images which link to Serene Forest pictures: we can notice a gate and a wall. :) Now something interesting: first screenshot was taken from the Official Namco Tekken 3 Site, and the second... is the in-game screenshot! It's clearly visible that the in-game forest was edited a little bit :)
Tekken 3 Serene Forest blank.gif In-game screenshot!blank.gif

Of course we cannot forget about the famous Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu Theme written by [as far as I know ] Sanodg. :) Excellent! It perfectly matches Yoshimitsu's new (and kinda shocking to some) looks. (Not to mention changed battle stance, but this was noticed only by hardcore Yoshi fans) We just had to have it in our collection, and so you can dowlnoad it in mentioned above "Y-podcast" section. Highly recommended!

Tekken 4 - the Jungle

Deep in the untainted wilderness of Yambaru, on the Islands of Okinawa, the peacefull singing of the exotic birds is roughly disturbed by the few combatants that dare to travel into the wild and steamy jungle. For what reason this wilderness is Yoshimitsu's location of choice is unknown; Perhaps there is a Manji hideout in this remote region, or perhaps he came here to meditate and train. Anyway, Yoshimitsu seems to be well adapted to the jungle- his new 'bug' combat armor perfectly blends in the surrounding plants and trees, while his sharp claws help him moving around in the dense vegetation.
The stage is in fact amazing! Very detailed and very Green. See pictures below!

-Tactical information-
Location: Sub-tropical Jungle
Features: Medium sized stage with a small stream, no spectators.
Hazards: One big tree in the middle
Daytime: Day
Background Music: Didgerhythm.
Starting locations: 1
Jungle!blank.gif Another view...blank.gif Another view...blank.gif Another view...

Tekken 4 - Shinjuku

Golden Gai, the infamous Kabukicho region and the many popular Arcade-halls make Shinjuku one of Tokyo's most popular spots and one of Yoshimitsu's favourite places to hang-out.
It's nightlife has flourished since the Edo period, when this region became the first stop on the old Tokaido road to Kyoto. Be carefull, though, when you are walking in the crowded streets of Shinjuku by night; since from time to time streetfights occur and entire phone boots in front of the cinema's ticket office get smashed in the heat of battle.

-Tactical information-
Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo-to prefacture, Japan.
Features: Pretty open, medium crowd of spectators present.
Hazards: Walls, 4 phone-boots.
Daytime: Night
Background Music: Bit Crusher.
Starting locations: 3
Shinjuku: how it really looks! ... and in-game view
Shinjukublank.gif Shinjuku 2 blank.gif Shinjuku - in-game view.

Tekken 5 - Hell's Gate

This is the biggest suprise for Yoshimitsu fans. Until Tekken 5, Yoshimitsu's arenas were designed as more or less secret forests, and now? Hell's Gate? But it's really his stage: Yoshimitsu's second outfit brings us to this conclusion. It resembles Japanese "undead" demon (and demons in Japan usually want revenge :)). Does this arena have a symbolical meaning? For sure. Probably Yoshimitsu's desire for revenge brought him at the edge of spiritual fall. Probably with this one wish to murder his sworn enemy he denied everything he believed in and he started his own "ring of evil". But well, take it easy: it's not Hell, just Hell's Gate. :P We don't know yet how it all ended. By now Yoshimitsu watches the purging flames just before the Hell's entrance...
Music title: "Ka-en-no-mai", which means "Flame's dance"

-Tactical information-
Location: Just before Hell.
Details: narrow arena with curved walls.
Daytime: not certain
Music: Ka-En-No-Mai.

Hell's Gates
Hell's gate 1 blank.gif Hell's gate 2 blank.gif Hell's gate 3 blank.gif Hell's gate 4



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    They just f*cked this stage

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