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Financed and sponsored by the giant financial groups, the Mishima Zaibatsu, the first Tekken tournament began with eight fighters, all of whom had emerged victorious in death matches held all over the world, all motivated by different motives, all possessing the skill and power to crumble mountains.

Many battles were fought. But only one lone warrior emerged with the right to challenge Heihachi Mishima for the of King of the Iron Fists. This warrior was Kazuya, Heihachi's cold blooded son. Bearing the scar given to him by Heihachi, he enters into vicious combat with his father on the same field where Heihachi last struck down his own son and dropped him into a trench at age five.

After a grueling battle which raged on for hours, Kazuya emerged victorious by utilizing the skills which had been passed down from generation to generation of the Mishima clan. As Heihachi's broken body lay on the ground, Kazuya dropped to his knees and slowly lifted his father into his arms. Walked slowly to the edge of the same cliff where his father had left him to die, stared out over the landscape of all that was now his, and let go of his father's body. As Heihachi's body plummeted, Kazuya's smile gleamed in the sunlight...

One year has passed. The Mishima Zaibatsu under Kazuya's leadership has become even more powerful with its tendrils reaching to all corners of the world. Soon after his father's apparent death, Kazuya disappears into the shadows. However, rumors of his immense power, and a dark side, slowly begin to spread throughout the world. Exactly one year after the end of the first Tekken, a message is relayed from the Mishima Zaibatsu fortress to news agencies all over the world announcing a second tournament with a prize a thousand times that of the first.

So begins the tournament...

After a few days of fierce battles the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 draws to a close. Jun Kazama comes to the stunning realization that Kazuya's supernatural strength stems from Devil. But she cannot help being drawn to him, propelled by a mystic force beyond her control.

Several days later, the final challenger arrives to face Kazuya, the organizer of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. In a reprise of the first Tekken Tournament, the father and son clash in a cursed blood battle. Eventually, Heihachi emerges scarred but victorious to regain control of the immense Mishima Conglomerate. Unaware of Devil's presence, Heihachi casts the lifeless Kazuya into a fiery volcano.

As Kazuya's body burns, the Devil appears before the pregnant Jun Kazama in a bid to enter the soul of the new life beating within her. But in a desperate struggle for the future of her child, Jun defeats Devil and retires to desolate Yakushima so as to raise Kazuya's son, Jin, alone.

Having regained control of the Mishima Conglomerate, Heihachi sets about to further increase his powers. He embarks on a crusade to win the trust of world leaders by putting wars and conflicts to rest. Using his immeasurable wealth, he forms Tekkenshu, a mercenary group employed to quell conflicts efficiently. He also takes a strong interest in the well being of developing nations by helping them build agricultural systems that will sustain them. Through Heihachi's efforts, the world appears to be regaining peace.

Around fifteen years have passed and Jin Kazama is now 15 years old.

Under Heihachi's orders, the Tekkenshu are excavating a Central American archeological site when they discover a mysterious life form. Heihachi orders the creature's capture, but loses contact with the Tekkenshu after a garbled radio message, "... they are all dead... Toshin (Fighting God)?!..." Upon arriving at the dig, Heihachi finds a field of corpses. Heihachi is wracked by sorrow, but also realizes that the power of the mysterious life form could be the key to his long dormant dream of world domination. To obtain this mysterious power of Toshin, and the world, Heihachi tempts the fates once again...

Within weeks, strange disappearances occur throughout the world. Persons of strong soul, masters of martial arts and other derivative fighting disciplines are reported missing... with no knowledge of their whereabouts.

Jun Kazama instinctively picks up on the dark power encroaching on her life. She has no understanding of what it is, but senses that she has become a target. Accepting her destiny, she tells Jin everything she knows of their haunted past to prepare him for the fateful day she now feels is imminent. She tells Jin to go to his grandfather Heihachi if anything befall her.

Her intuition proves right on a cold, stormy night. Toshin comes to the mountains bringing a chilling, swirling wind. "Run away!" cries Jun. But against his mother's pleas Jin opts to face Toshin and is knocked unconscious. When Jin awakens, the house and everything around it is burned to the ground. Jin searches frantically for his mother but she is nowhere to be found. Jun has died at Toshin's hands. Honoring her instructions, Jin goes to Heihachi and begs to be trained in order exact revenge. Heihachi, hearing Jin's tale, is convinced that Toshin is after the souls of powerful fighters. To attract Toshin, Heihachi decides to host the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3.

Four years later, on Jin Kazama's 19th birthday, the curtains rise for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3.

...But Heihachi failed to capture Ogre.

Not willing to give up, Heihachi ordered his researchers to collect blood samples, skin tissue, and hoof fragments left behind by Ogre (or known as True Ogre in its true manifestation) in order to conduct genetic experiments. Heihachi’s goal was to create a new life form by splicing Ogre’s genome with his own. However, the research was unsuccessful. After extensive experimentation, Heihachi’s bioengineers came to the conclusion that an additional gene - the Devil Gene - was necessary in order to successfully splice Ogre’s genetic code into another living organism. Heihachi learned that his own genome lacked the Devil Gene, but he knew someone who did... Jin Kazama.

Two years ago Jin, who vanquished Ogre in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, was shot and mortally wounded by Heihachi. As his life slipped away, Jin transformed into a Devil. Upon his transformation, he struck down Heihachi and took flight. Jin’s whereabouts were unknown after the Tournament. Heihachi searched for Jin to no avail. However, Heihachi discovered a photograph during his investigation that stirred his curiosity. The 20-year-old photograph was an image of a burnt corpse covered with laceration wounds. Heihachi paid particular attention to the corpse’s back, which had what looked like deformed, protruding wing-like limbs.

Convinced that the picture was of Kazuya, his own son whom he threw into a volcano 20 years ago, Heihachi diverted all his resources into a search for the body. This search eventually led Heihachi to G Corporation, a leading-edge biotech firm making unprecedented advances in the field of biogenetics research.

Heihachi discovered that G Corporation found the corpse and extracted and analyzed its genetic data. In fact, Heihachi learned that the company was in the midst of creating a new life form by using the data. Heihachi also determined that Kazuya’s remains and research data were secured at G Corporation’s Nebraska and Nepal research laboratories, respectively. On Friday, 25 December, the Tekken Force raided G Corporation’s maximum security research laboratory in Nepal. The bottom floors of the building were obliterated, and the remaining data storage facility containing file servers was airlifted by a group of heavy-duty helicopters.

At the same time, a separate unit led by Heihachi infiltrated the underground research facility in Nebraska, where Kazuya’s remains were preserved. As Heihachi observed from his helicopter, he soon realized that unlike the Nepal facility, the operations in Nebraska were not going according to plan. The tactical status monitor screens showed the first wave of the Tekken Force troops being blown out from the storage room where Kazuya’s remains were supposedly kept. A silhouette of a large figure slowly emerged from the room... When Heihachi could see clearly enough, he instantly recognized the large figure as Kazuya.

Kazuya was resurrected in G Corporation’s research facility. After his resurrection, Kazuya offered his body as research material to determine the true nature of the Devil that resided within him. Kazuya’s goal was to unify his two selves into one. Kazuya theorized that if he unified his body with the Devil, he would be able to truly harness its powers. He could then finally take revenge against Heihachi and the Mishima Zaibatsu (Financial Empire).

Enraged that Heihachi thwarted his plans, Kazuya obliterated the heavily armed Tekken Force and vanished into the flames of the lab’s wreckage. Heihachi was infuriated by Kazuya’s escape and took out his anger on his hapless subordinates who reported the escape.

Abel, Heihachi’s lead scientific advisor, urged the enraged Heihachi to quickly find a way to capture Kazuya. Once his anger subsided, Heihachi focused his mind and decided on a plan. An evil smile crept upon his lips. Two years had passed since The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. The Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 and placed the massive financial empire as the top prize. The champion who manages to defeat Heihachi at the end of the Tournament would inherit the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Well aware that the tournament is just a trap designed to lure him out, Kazuya nevertheless enters - it is his chance to defeat Heihachi.

"After The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 had ended, the violent battle of father and son, Mishima Kazuya and Kazama Jin continued at the Mishima Zaibatsu's Honmaru.
The result was that Jin was captured by the Tekken Forces and Heihachi KO'ed Kazuya at the battle.

"Heh, pathetic. Worthless coward. And you (Jin), time to die boy."

The deadly battle between Heihachi and Jin continued once again...The angered Jin who had grew a pair of black wings, his power even surpassed Heihachi's at that time, and Heihachi slowly realized that his death was imminent.
But not long after that, Jin regained his old self and fled Honmaru, leaving thr words "Thanks my mother... Kazama Jun".
The exhausted Heihachi was resting. After that there was only silence... ...However the silence was broken when an aircraft noise could be heard from afar.
That noise eventually turned into an explosion noise. When Heihachi thought he heard noises like something was launched, one by one the Jacks were breaking in, tearing through the ceiling. Heihachi instantly thought that this is one of Kazuya's plan, however, when Kazuya regained his consciousness due to the earthquake and the explosions, he also failed to understand what has happened.

"Who the hell are you people?!" As Heihachi screamed, the Jacks charging toward them both.

Eventhough they would never willingly cooperate, Heihachi and Kazuya start to fight the Jacks together. However, even though they destroyed numberous units, the enemy numbers seemed never decreased- The Jacks reinforcement keep breaking in. And so even the great Heihachi started to lose his breath. Then when this happened, Kazuya suddenly betrayed Heihachi by throwing him right into the enemies swarm.


Kazuya glanced at the screaming Heihachi for a while, then took the chance to charge through a hole between the enemie Jacks, and eventually managed to escaped from Honmaru.

Straight afterwards, the Honmaru was vanished along with the explosion.

A man wearing all black, watched the incident calmly. The man then gently touched his ear, then confirmed that he was online and reported one sentence.

"Heihachi Mishima is dead."

Right after that, a Jack came out from nowhere, attacking the man from behind- But with one slash, the man split the Jack into halves with a blade. At the same time, the man's figure was vanished.

Honmaru was vanished without any traces, and the surrounding was covered by ashes. But no one witnessed that among the ashes, the rubbles were blown up, and a figure appeared.

A few days later, the death of Mishima Zaibatsu head, Mishima Heihachi, reaches the people's ears all over the world. While this supposed to be the end of the Mishima Zaibatsu, however, a mysterious person took over the top position of Mishima Zaibatsu, then brought the Zaibatsu back to its peaceful condition as if nothing was happened.
And then, after one month, the Mishima Zaibatsu sponsored and announced the opening of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. The enigmatic King of Iron Fist Tournament once again has opened its curtain..."

The 5th “King of the Iron Fist Tournament” has ended with Heihachi Mishima missing and the eventual winner being Jin Kazama.

Jin Kazama then assumes the role as head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and beings using the special Tekken force units for propaganda and manipulative acts all over the world. Eventually many people become upset by this and it starts riots and eventually war amongst nations.

With the world now at war, many nations lose their power and the Mishima Zaibatsu declares itself as an independent nation.

The Mishima Zaibatsu is intent on conquering the world with only G Corporation to stand in its way. People around the world see G Corporation as a savior and G Corporation offers a price on Jin Kazama to anyone that can bring him in alive.

Just as anyone could have expected, the announced for the 6th “King of Iron Fist Tournament” was under way.

Those that want to make a name for themselves, those that seek money, and those that want revenge. Many different ideals and goals gather while the Tekken 6 tournament is unveiled.


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