Manjikai Story :)

Manjikai Story :)
Tenshimitsu 2005-04-10 22:00 7

How it all began?

The date of site's birth is 17.08.2001... It's quite some time ago, don't you think? :) Maybe you're curious about YOT (and now yTS) history? ^_^ I gathered as much late site's stuff as I could, but the projects presented below aren't all I made or planned. :) Ready for the journey? :)

~ Presented by Tenshimitsu

I decided to make my own Yoshi shrine after Kenshichan closed her site, beautiful "Kenshichan's Yoshimitsu Shrine" filled with multimedia, screenshots and various Yoshi-stuff. But my plans weren't only about making a shrine of Yoshimitsu, but a kind of Yoshi-players' center, where they can share their gaming experience. I got started with a small account at "Yahoo Geocities", with little experience in HTML coding, to be honest. :) This site is down now, unfortunately. :) Not only I forgot the password to my Yahoo account, but also I was too lazy to rescue any materials... But I assure you there was truly noting interesting to see. :)

My site's space was quickly running out. :) Firstly, I wanted to "survive" on this very first account [ I'm a sentimental person ^_^ ], but I changed my mind as "Yahoo" removed the FTP service. I hated web-based uploads, so I typed in "Google" search in my browser and began searching for a new home for YOT.

How many YOT changed it's home? Whoah, a lot! After "Geocities" I tried "", but pop-ups and upload limits irritated me very much... then I moved to ""... but to my suprise, the host was strictly THE SAME as the one in Angelcities! The same limits, the same banner ads and pop-ups... and HUGE bandwidth limit, which caused my site to be unavailable for most of the time... What did I do? "Google" was in action again. :)

Together with "Bravenet", YOT dramatically changed it's design. Unfortunately I don't have on my computer YOT version 2.00, but the next variations of this layout are very similar to the prototype... maybe only link colours and banner were different... I laso used a lot of Bravenet's services such as Guestbook, Tell-a-Friend, Search Engine... Guestbook was changed not so long ago!!!

Everytime the site was moving, I put on the index page this quickly made picture:

Heh heh, how do you like it? I used a standard Microsoft paint for this... LOL. Also, next to the picture I also put a caption "Yoshimitsu decided to move!". Well... :)

Then, in the year 2002, I found a provider "", and our site became widely-known under "" address... well, not that widely-known as I thought, because Web1000 service had a lot of limitations too... for example: YOT was accessible only by people living in UK, USA and the west part of Europe... We had grown very much, but at the sime time we felt that we must move again... Also, During our long existence at Web1000 servers, Dinaga joined the Team and Kirimitsu became YOT co-webmaster. :) Read the following archived pieces of news:

[ 14.11.2002 ]
*sigh* Well, I managed to do only a part of planned work, but it's quite a large amount of various stuff! "Guaranteed to hold your attention for more than 5 minutes!" <= KMAS quotation, I like it!
Dinomitsu joined the Team! Welcome!
I corrected a little all printed friendly versions of Yoshi-data [ borders added ] and... I found a printed friendly Soul Calibur 2 Movelist, straight from website! It's incomplete, though. [ That's not my fault: Namco is lazy with revealing information ]. I see that the Topic "Why Yoshimitsu is the best character" gathers the most loyal Yoshi fans. ^_^ See how Nixelmitsu and Dinomitsu answered this question. [ "Opinion" page ].
New FAQs arrived! One was delivered by Dinaga a.k.a Dinomitsu [ thanks a LOT! ], and another was found in website... There's nothing mentioned about copyright terms so I think I can put it in the "FAQ Files"section... but I will make sure. Moreover, Dinaga wrote another argument pro Yoshi-obsession. ^_^ Check it out! [ "YKYAOWYW" Page ]


[ 03.01.2003 ]
Yahoo! WELCOME! New Year 2003 and the second year of YOT existence!
Erdimitsu and Neomitsu joined the Team! Welcome!
New "Opinion" entry by Akshat! Hmmm, he's not from out Team, but why shouldn't he post his opinion? I didn't say that everybody must join Yoshi Chiimu. ^_^
The last and the greatest change: I have the pleasure to introduce you my "right hand" in YOT, the co-webmaster Kirimitsu! As you have probably noticed, in the menubar the link "About me" is renamed into "YOT Staff". There, you can see Kirimitsu's and mine profiles. Kirimitsu will answer most of your e-mails and messages sent from YOT e-mail forms, he also will correct your Yoshi Quiz forms... ^_^ Now YOT will be more than ever "on-line"! I don't have much time to answer your e-mails just in time, I'm sorry... [ school is consuming me!!! ]. Of course that doesn't mean that I will just go away and forget about you and YOT, I love you and the Team too much. [ and somebody must still think of new Yoshi stuff, huh? ^_^ I will never let you get bored! ]. What else can I say? Go to "YOT Staff" to read more about Kiri and me. ^_^

The layout of YOT in the "Web1000" period was very similar to my "Sounds Project". I planned to make another account, filled only with Yoshi MP3s, because our space at "reallyrules" was running low again. :) Click here to see the "Sounds Project!" The banner, link colours and background were the same on the main site.

This project was never online: it didn't have to, because I found a perfect provider these days: The "" site! It offered a huge amount of 300 MB of space with NO advertisements! Here is a part of news archived from this period:

[ 19.03.2003 ]
YOT is now bigger and wealthier, so to speak :). I believe it will grow even faster than the old account. ^_^ On this special occasion, the layout was changed a bit ( brand new banner! ). Also, we prepared for you, loyal Yoshi Fan, some special presents! We hope you will celebrate this day together with us!
So...What's new? ^_^We won't slow down, we promise!!! There's still a lot to do, we have a lot of fresh ideas... but they will be revealed when the time will come. You won't be bored, promise!
These were the presents, but what about other YOT news?
Nixelmitsu sent us more Soul Calibur 2 strategy, which is mainly a response to Tyrade's commentary. Thanks!
There were no other news from our members beside Nixelmitsu's. ^_^
Small note at the end: the server on which we are located is new and so we can experience some down-times in the future. Just in case, we are not going to leave you! Our motto is "Yoshimitsu forever", right!? In the most comfortable situation are YOT members: you will be e-mailed if we experience any serious problems.
Enjoy the new YOT!
Kirimitsu & Tenshimitsu

Unfortunately, we didn't even manage to upload our site, as the "Lord-Dragon" host went down for the reasons unknown. The webmaster of "Lord-dragon" made then a site "", where we received a similar account, but even that time we had a bad luck: the server went down again. :) I decided not to wait any longer... I used "Google" again desperately searching for best solution...

Anyway, YOT at "Lord-dragon" and "" went through some layout upgrades! I made a brand new banner and optimized all pages to be easily viewed in any browser. Click here for a sample page! [ Home Page ] Also, I installed our first PHP Forums at account! It's the Forum you see now... but unfortunately, the server downtime occured unexpectedly, and we didn't manage to do any forum back-up. It was a low blow for all Yoshi fans... I managed to restore only about 30% of our forum messages and threads. Don't worry anyway, now we do weekly back-ups! It taught us a lesson. :)

Finally, I found Gamingsource! I quickly mailed Kirimitsu to put the YOT version we have on web1000 again for review, and sent an application... We made it! We received the present account and started site's installation. :) Here's a news archived from this period:

[ 08.05.2003 ]
I really hope it's our last location!!! Thanks to GamingSource Team, we have this great account with even greater services. ^_^ It will take a while to upload all the multimedia we had, and also to restore our forums... [ wish me good luck everybody!!! ]. So that our movies aren't here yet as well as picture gallery... and forum...
Anyway, I hope we will have a great time here.
Let's rock this site again and forever!
Tenshimitsu:)! Forgot to add our sponsor banner: it's fixed now. ^_^

I decided to celebrate our new, stable location by making a completely new layout: YOT version 3.00, which you see in YOT Archives This version is up since 09.06.2003. ^_^.... which is quite a long period of time, don't you think? :) In "News Archive" are listed all further upgrades we made... and it's not the end, because there's still a lot to do. :) YOT will never stop growing! And with our newest PHP-based pages, all the upgrades will be easier to do.

You probably wonder what you see now. It's YOT version 4.00 basically, embedded into the larger project: the Yoshimitsu's Tekken Shrine. Why did we decide to extend the old Yoshi-only shrine? You can read our brief explanation in the Home Page. Just as all of us, Yoshi can't live alone. :) All the characters are important in Tekken, Yoshimitsu gets more and more involved in their stories. Also, myself I began to play effectively as I started respecting other Tekken fighters. But still, this site will stay filled with Yoshimitsu-related articles, artwork and other goodies! (Yoshimitsu Obsession Team still plays here an important role, it's our tradition, our roots... ) if you don't want this shrine to be totally Yoshimitsu-dominated, why don't you grow up your own Character Shrine under our wings? :) We have all what you need: the server space, forums, experience and a willingness to help you in your webmastering. :) If you don't have experience in making websites, you can be just active in the area devoted to Tekken and your favourite character, you can send us comments and ideas concerning your favourite character's profile page (for example: you can suggest making another page about Mishima story only... write an article... make fan arts... anything!). Yoshimitsu would love to see more and more Tekken fans, do you want to make our TEKKEN Community grow?

Today is 5th September 2004, some days before the yTS Shrine's official launch. This site would not appear without the precious help of Kirimitsu and Dinaga, who spent a lot of free time in testing the site's services, uploading media, and even writing pages. The idea of making version 4.00 of YOT and extending it to a whole Tekken series was born in May'04, see how much time it took us to make our dreams come true! The site is up since 14 August'04 in its basic form, and then we had to work a whole month to reach the stance you see now. In fact I started the preparations in May! And still we didn't manage to do all the job. A lot of things await to be included in our site's pages. Wish us good luck and lots of free time! ^_^

Best wishes from yTS Staff!
[ 08th September 2004, 18:41 pm GTM+1 - yTS launch! :) ]


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing or reading your contribution :)

    2015-08-22 22:06
  2. Hey! I think I've seen that Yoshimitsu's moving image before! ^_^ I just don't remember where. . .

    I really wish I had discovered this site back then. I was 15 when I first 'met' Yoshimitsu, thanks to SCII, but 19 by the time I found this site. It was still pretty active then.

    Deepest regret was the misfortune of life keeping me away from fun and Yoshimitsu. ;_;

    I'm 25 now, I recently found my way back to Yoshi-san! ^_^ And I'd like to still be able to contribute to Yoshimitsu's spirit here, however, and I hope that others will enjoy what I have to share. Missing all the YOTians sooo much!! ^^'

    2015-08-22 09:40
  3. ahh.. hahahaha.. nice history.. I was expecting this site started when tekken 1 and tekken tag was released.. hahahaha.. anywys...

    GO YOT!!!!

    2008-07-26 16:05
  4. Ah, the good old days .. i had barely joined before the first homepage change so very vaugly remember it but those where good times ..

    2007-12-06 16:59
  5. OK, I'll think about it. :)

    2005-07-04 14:06
  6. I've been browsing old stuff lately... the memories are really strong... what can I say, we've had ups and downs, but it's been really great to be a part of YOT/yTS family. Too bad some of the "old" members (Golden, Darkwood, ArmourQueen and others...) are not here now... I'd like to see them again.

    the very first version of YOT... sweet!

    Hey Tenshi, what do you think to put that cool midi BGM from YOT's Credits page here, on this page? I think it'd be really great.

    2005-06-26 21:27
  7. Avatar

    Woah.. so thats how it all began. Hopefully YOT would be here until the four horsmen of apocolypse comes.

    2005-06-24 14:36

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