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Here you can find the lore of Tekken, interesting facts, curiosities, trivia and everything we could find about Yoshimitsu. We are the proud members of Manjikai and the most devoted Yoshi fans around the net - and so we just love gathering all the information about him. There's still much to uncover, anyway...


About Yoshimitsu

Here you'll read officially released information about Yoshimitsu. Also, you can read the history of YOT and yTS, and a little bit about the webmasters. :)


Have you ever been drawn by that delicate shadow falling on Yoshimitsu's mask? If yes, then you like the secrecy which clouds Yoshimitsu's character... we will try to uncover some of his mysteries.


A stealthy, smart ninja or a noble, honourable samurai? Maybe both? Yoshimitsu is called the Space Ninja, but some of you may say that he looks more like a samurai... Click here to read all about these two different Ways of Life, Ways of Fighting...


... but having skill is not enough, you have to have strong and firm spirit not to lose calmness in the heat of a battle! Click here to learn about Zen, the psychology of fight and all the wisdom of the Warrior Path.