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Welcome to the Inside Manjikai Section! Here you'll find information about who Yoshimitsu is, his storyline, general storyline of Tekken and Soul Calibur games and also music, movies and other media directly connected to Yoshimitsu.

You'll also find here articles inspired by Yoshimitsu and Tekken, like some facts about Zen Buddhism, Ninja, Samurai and Japanese culture. We will also talk about self development and psychological approach to battles we fight in Tekken.

Have fun, exploring the Yoshimitsu Shrine. :)


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Here you can find the lore of Tekken, interesting facts, curiosities, trivia and everything we could find about Yoshimitsu. We are the proud members of Manjikai and the most devoted Yoshi fans around the net - and so we just love gathering information!

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Old Manjikai archive of movies, files and music. This section will be redesigned in the future.