Yoshi in "Jackass"...

Hi, some of you might remember me from the old YOT board, but I'm back.
I remember this topic was a blast, and it's time to revive it.
The idea of it is to post sketch scenarios for Jackass, staring Yoshi:).
For now I'll think about some more, but now I have one:
"The fall"
Yoshimitsu goes to the highest floor of the Empire State Building and flies of in DGF. When he's high enough, he stops the twirling.....you know the rest.

gah!during falling down he thinks :Boskonowitch you son of a ....and he minds up to use a pogo stick to land safety but after doing pogo.... who's next to continue?

:D I was thinking more of new sketches, but you can do them also in the way "next poster continues". Carry on.:D

Here's a nice picture: U kno when Yoshi charges, he sounds somewhat like a retarded cow.
Picture Yoshi, screamin, yellin & chargin normal folks with his sword...
Big ass massacre, lots of deaths, people yellin, screamin, dyin, & lookin funny...

Hmmm...what would life be for Yoshi without his sword?