Xbox Live Yoshi players.

I've seen videos of some ManjiKai members playing each other on Youtube, and almost all of them were on PSN. So I wondered, beside DragonEmperorWu who else on ManjiKai plays on XBL?

apparently, xXAngelBoyXx. his xbl is:Angerus

Yea, but I don't play on 360, I use my gamertag to play on pc. (SF 4, SFxT,...)
I only play tag 2 on psn

This Saddens me. :(

 Forever alone. :P

I'm switching over to the PS4 when it comes out later this year. Xbox fails to impress me furthermore. Especially the fact that its loaded with cowards and ragequitters, so hopefully the ps4 can prove to be better, i think it will. Lots of the original hardore gamers are on the Play Station Network, so am abandoning xbox. Another thing is that even after the xbox fighting fans complained to them that they need to redesign the dpad, they took it to the drawing board and still fucked it up. simply put the xbox dpad aint for no serious battles, the dpad is as retarded as its makers. so PS4 ALL THE WAY!
What would seriously make my year is if they brought out a Tekken 7 or something for the ps4, woooooooooooooo.

ForEver W.U!

 i'm on live.  i get games in with wu when i can.  TEHL3G3NDNOOB is my live handler as well