How Could This Be a DRAW!?

 Yeah I know Aris doesn't play Yoshi, it would be too hard for him, lol. Besides, he wants to win easier and consistently, lol.

Myself I feel Yoshi has changed a lot in this game, but maybe it's just me. I'm still in the process of getting used to, unfortunately I can't play the game too much since I have a lot of work, so far I had only two online sessions. But starting from November, I plan to sit back and take care of my Yoshi a lot :)

@Rolenzo, Aris said what???!! Aris needs to get fucking laid. & you're right, alot of beasts are now online. but i can tell when i've lost at my full power. in other words i can tell when sumone is stronger than me. but in 90% of the cases, i'm beaten because of twilight zone whiffs. things are whiffing that shouldnt whiff.
but enough complaining for now. am sticking with my plan, am turning to the mountains.

 @YoshiDivine - small advice: take your Xbox to the mountains and meditate in practice mode. ^_^ Yoshi will tell you a lot of secrets, you just have to ask him through practice :)

His Yoshi in Tekken 5, SC2  and V is pretty godlike though.
He should pick him back up in TTT2 since he praises him so much again.

@Tenshimitsu  I am back from the mountains... and here are the results.
TTT2: Rank: Vanquisher
leaderboard position:#2
                  percentage:67%<----its this low because of the ass kicking i received  before i retreated to the hills. i shall increase that to the 70s within a month...

I shall post some videos in the near future ^_^ Merry Xmas and a happy new year to ALL!

Added 26 days later:

Good news yall, i bring honor to the manjikai. i am pleased to announce I AM THE FIRST CONQUEROR ranking at #1 on the xbl ttt2 yoshimitsu leaderboard.

Added 18 days later:

leaderboard position:#1

I am also the first yoshi savior.

HD videos coming soon.

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