How Could This Be a DRAW!?

so there i were.... having a smooth time adjusting to tag 2 until this happened.

me doing the smart thing in tag 2, harakiri when things look grim. then the dumb ass system called it a draw. the hell is wrong with namco??!

heres the video as proof.


Didn't happen to me and I did use it in a highly competitive offline match and won that way.
I have no explanation to why this has happened other than online ranked match having different rules

Its madness i tell you. NAMCO always doing sumthin to piss me off. now yoshi's knee is -9 instead of the regular -4. I hope i live to see the day they make yoshi cheap and eazy to learn like the other characters.

You have to survive double suicide in order to win. If you get killed as well, there's a draw.
Double suicide drains about 40-50 points for Yoshi (i suppose) and 81 points to the opponent.

Yup, suicide nerf.

(f3,)4 knee is still safe if u turn back, though...

besides, ff4 was a legit nerf imo, spammable

my gripe is this....
in tekken 6, [ff+4] was a -4, meaning its not jab punishable once u hold b. but now on tag 2 its -9, and jabs are between 6&8 frames long. because of this my most potent mixups go out the window. noobz that i used to toss around are now able to put up a fight. and it seems as though they fucked heihachi as well because i know a really FIERCE heihachi i fought against and he's now turning into mush, his win rate is like 50% with over a 1000 battles experienced. my winrate has also gone to the dogs.

in tekken 6, suicide does not drain yoshi's life when it comes to "near death experiences". in this case the opponent rightfully dies and yoshi's metre is left untouched.

in every tekken that comes out they fuck up yoshi's skill set even more and improve assholes like lars.

I've heard from Noodlehead that this was a bug that got fixed with the patch.

Yoshidivine... Heihachi is uber top tier S-ranked, he is certainly NOT weak.

Also, as for Yoshimitsu in this game... well, we have to adapt. Yoshi is generally stronger but the game mechanics aren't exactly in his favour. Just play and try to find the strategy that fits you the most. Make a small 'reset' of your habits from Tekken 6 since Tekken Tag is a different game. Yoshi must be played differently.

Heihachi was always my Mishima character of choice and he's ridiculously good now. He has a lot of options in many different situations and he can turn into a powerhouse very quickly. And EWGF works so well with Tag mechanics, probably a big reason why all three Mishimas are regarded top tier. Actually trying to pick up Heihachi/Jinpachi.

And I certainly notice Yoshi is better in this game but yeah I'm having trouble with Tag mechanics. My Kuni stil needs work and I love Kuni but I get thrown off every time I switch. She doesn't have the same shenanigans as Yoshi does. I can't play solo Yoshi either, takes a lot to kill two characters, especially with Yoshi. I don't want to play solo anyway  . I should stop whining and practice more lol.

*random rant*
I seriously hate Kuni's u/f+4. It's a high and it comes out from muscle memory every single time I'm at the wall or I bait someone into ducking. Such a useless move.

Heihachi is definitely the strongest mishima in this game.
his db2 is RIDICULOUS (super fast, highcrushes like crazy, insane damage)!
They encourage to spam it in high lvl play during live streams . He gets away with murder with that move!
raged heihachi: db2, CH WS 4 -> 50% life gone

Also, yoshi is a lot stronger in this game imho. He's finally a decent character you can use for winning majors since T5.
The new moves and properties he's gained is sooo geewd. If you've been a bit active in the latest american competitive play, you could see JustFrameJames beating the living hell out of everyone with Yoshimitsu as his point character (and his main, Marshall law, as secondary to finish the job).

Yoshi's new reversal (1+2) is also a godly gift from the heavens to use during an opponent's stupid predictable strings in online play. Or as a general reversal to show-off, wich we all love to do with our favourate character Yoshimitsu

Flash seems to be a bit buffed and can also be used in a lot more situations than it could've been used in T6
(Tag > yoshi comes in with a running cross chop (blocked) > flash > you win
or  NSS > f3+4 > flash > win)

@Grey, you gotta have balls to play with jinpachi
Very High risk / very high reward character 

Kunimitsu is very strong and has different playstyle than Yoshi. I can certainly play a pitbull style with her. I play her first and then switch to raged Yoshi to finish the job... if Kuni doesn't kill both opponents first, that is. Not to mention Kuni has a lot of tag throws to chose from with Yoshi. She looks like she was almost designed to be played first.

Jinpachi is a strong character. Can be also played medium risk - high reward - just use safer moves and hella lot of low punch when needed :) His FC, d/f+1 and FC,d/f+2 are good moves as well. He has excellent FC/WS game, great evaders, great punishers and whiff-punishers. Of course you have to commit to his lows from time to time and this is the only high risk I can see of him.

Also - Jinpachi is a valuable tag partner for Yoshi - has great synergy in tag assault combos and is great when coming in enraged. Two whiff punishes and over half of a lifebar gone, that is very lol. ^^

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By the way, do you also get an error online "can't connect to World Tekken federation website"? I've played some online ranked and they weren't recorded on my playercard :(

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I haven't ,but my brother, who plays more often online than I do, does experience errors quite often that are also linked to mysterious unregistered matches for his playercard.

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Hah Aris explaining in his stream to yoshimattsu how  super godlike yoshimitsu is in this game.
Compares Yoshimitsu with Voldo and says Yoshimitsu has such a huge flaming bag of bullshit  and secrets wich he can generate a total storm with. He can be played so very very tight with all his shenanigans. Also the only character that can punish tag crash.

said yoshimitsu has so much bs, like 20 times on stream, it was super funny xD!

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Yoshimitsu can't punish tag crash - it's the practice mode bug. Test it with live opponent.

I'm looking forward to Aris playing Yoshi.

i feel like am gonna have to re-learn yoshimitsu all over again. i went from duelist to berserker. and the thing is this, i can "feel" that am stronger than the people beating me, its just that the playing style i used in tekken 6 doesnt work in tag2. i can also feel that my timing has gone out the window. so my conclusion is that am gonna have to just start all over again. and it also seems they changed the sidestepping rules, because m no longer able to sidestep effectively like i used to.
am dropping tekken for a while and turn to the mountains [noko?]. can anyone drop me a link when aris is playing yoshi? much appreciated.

The general timing change for Tekken tag is... DO EVERYTHING FASTER MOAR MOAR SPEED ... FASTER!


Faster thinking, more things to take into account... it's a more aggressive, unforgivable game. Especially for Yoshi, because if you pick an A-tier character, it will be a joyride. By the way: Kunimitsu is A+ tier with good synergy with Yoshi :)

Also getting used to this game means more practice hours.

At first it was all overwhelming for me, but after I did my homework at practice mode, learned combos, learned timings, learned once again which moves to use and when, it became more clear how to play this game.

Yoshi has a lot of changes here and there, changes in range, tracking, frames, some moves became more useful, some became less useful. To list all changes is a big task, you have to just get into practice mode, get through all of his moves and try to notice differences from Tekken 6:

- the range: the same or not?
- tracking? changed or unchanged?
- anything else?

Guys, Aris doesn't play yoshimitsu.

Yoshimatsu was asking on Aris his stream what he thinks of Yoshimistsu. Aris said that yoshi is godlike and supergood in this game, that he has alot of bullshit moves etc. He then compared him to voldo a character who supposed to be really good in Soul calibur 2 or 3.
Aris clearly doesn't know what he was talking about imo, someone who plays yoshimitsu would never say that.

Yes yoshimitsu got some good tools in this game but so did anyone else, he is better than he was in T6 that's for sure but he is NOT supergood or godlike, I mean seriously Aris is sometimes funny to watch and listen to, but he he is really bad at judging things and he also has a bad sportsmanship imo.
He's the kinda guy that would lose online by a wrong read on his part and would label that guy as a scrub, a noob or a lagger. Actually HE is a typical online scrub who just happens to be a "pro" gamer.
Not trying to disrespect aris or anything cause he contributes alot to the FGC, his Tekken tutorials are really informative for example but he just has a big mouth that's all.

The only real chances that I've experienced with TTT2 is that the hitboxes of all the moves got adjusted, it's more realistic now. Some moves are now more easy to sidestep and other moves are now harder to sidestep.
For example alot of ground setups I used in T6 doesn't work anymore or doesn't track anymore in TTT2. 

@yoshidivine I don't think u have to relearn Yoshimitsu really, everything my brother did in T6 still works for example. The online competition just got stronger, maybe that's why things u did in T6 doesn't work anymore in TTT2.
Seriously there are a lot of killers out there XD

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